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Nadi Pariksha – Diagnosis Method to Find Actual Cause of your Ailment

nadi pariksha diagnosis method to find actual cause of your ailment
HWC Team
January23/ 2016

Nadi Pariksha is a mode of diagnosis through pulse and it is basically an ancient ayurvedic technique through which physical and mental illness can be diagnosed accurately. Besides addressing the symptoms it can reach the root cause of the ailment and it can warn you beforehand about the health risks and advise how you can optimize the health without creating dissonance with the predominant elements in the body.

How the Diagnosis is Done?

Normally whenever we feel unwell, we visit doctor and specify the ailments that we are suffering from. Based on our information they check our body and sometimes recommend us to go for further test to understand the symptoms properly. But in Nadi Pariksha one does not need to specify their symptom, the Nadi Vidwan should not get influenced by the patient’s symptom. Every cell in the body has its own intelligence. The Nadi Pariksha studies the communication of the intelligence in form of vibrations. It understands the vibratory frequency of pulse in different levels on Radial artery. The vibrations are examined vertically downward at seven diverse levels that help to determine various functions in individual’s body. It helps to understand the cause behind the ailment. The Nadi Vidwan who are specialized in Nadi Pariksha should be able to interpret the subtlety of vibrations.

What is Revealed?

The details that are revealed in Nadi Pariksha are mentioned below:

  • All the aspect of human organism that includes mind, body etc can be understood during pulse diagnosis.
  • Besides understanding the cause of present ailments, it tracks the source of the disease. Even casual factors like particular thought pattern or emotional issues of an individual that cause physical ailments can be understood through proper diagnosis.

Nadi Pariksha is Carried out to Understand Certain Aspects

  • Help out to determine “One’s Original Constitution at the time of Conception” (Prakruti). It helps to decide the root and structure of the healing process for an individual.
  • Helps to determine “One’s Current Constitution as against the Original Constitution” (Vikruti).The study find out the deviation occurs in the mind and body compared to the original constitution. It enables to identify the cause of ailments.
  • Nadi Pariksha can find out the changed state of mind. In Ayurvedic treatment, it is believed the main cause of human ailments is psychological. The reason behind it is mind generally express itself through body. Therefore, mind dictates the body and it works the way the mind wants it to work.
  • Any change in Doshas can help to understand the disease process. Vata, Kapha and Pitta are certain doshas. Determining appropriate dosha helps in proper diagnosis.
  • The study of different types of tissues that include Blood, Plasma, Marrow, Muscle, and Nerve also helps in proper diagnosis.
  • The health of subtle energy wheel or chakra in body related to the glands in the body is determined. Chakras play a major role in controlling physiological processes in body.

Ayurveda helps to maintain good health without disturbing natural intelligence prevailing in a body. It has got no negative side effects and due to this reason people all over the world are turning to this ancient treatment to recover from ailment and maintaining an optimal health.

HWC Team

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