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A Few Common Health Mistakes Made by New Parents

health mistakes made by new parents
HWC Team
September22/ 2015

Parenthood is a blessing for all and fulfilling the duties of a new parent is definitely challenging but interesting and learning phase indeed. This period makes you aware of various new things like sleepless nights, calming the crying baby, giving the right medications, following the right routine etc.

A child brings multi-folded happiness but you need to stay calm and relaxed with the upcoming challenges; it is common to make mistakes as it is the ‘first time’ for you but there is always chances for correcting yourself. Here we shall discuss some common mistakes that new parents seem to make; you can check and avoid them now –

A Few Common Mistakes New Parents Tend to Make –

Introducing Bottle Feed in Place of Breast Feeding

Since new moms will soon have to go out to resume their work, they tend to replace breast feed with bottled. As per doctors, you should let your baby have breast milk as long as possible, as it is the best feed you can give your baby.

The results of this may not be obvious in a short time, but over a period of time, you will witness that a breast fed baby is much happier, relaxed, and healthy and has a very good immune system to deal with future health and also emotional problems.

Too Much of Advices and Information

As you welcome your new born baby, people around you including friends or relatives give you advice or share their own experiences. It’s good to listen to them, but do not try to apply all of those suggestions to your child and life, because every child is different and the same rules and tricks may not be applicable to all. Rather keep calm and keep a watch over your child’s habits and necessities. You will surely understand your baby well.

Comparing your Babies with Others

A child is genetically connected to its parents. So your child may not be like other’s child. So, do not compare your child with others, but instead let your child follow its own growth pattern or graph.

Trying to Fix a Pattern and Time Table for a Child

Your child may have a different eating and sleeping pattern from other children. Your child may wake up many times in the mid of night, or sleep more during the day, but do not try to always set a strict routine, as it gets in the right track slowly as time passes.

Neglecting Yourself

Along with caring for your child, try to take out time for yourself too and also try to get back to those activities which you were doing earlier. Try taking a nap along with your child when he sleeps, and do not try to set the house in that time by compromising on your Take your baby out in the fresh air and it will definitely make him as well as you feel better.

Though parenting is something that comes naturally and you learn with time, but avoiding few common mistakes will surely make things a little better and comfortable.

HWC Team

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