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Most Important After-Care Instructions for Major Surgeries

most important after care instructions for major surgeries
HWC Team
November11/ 2015

A Surgery is a process of manual treatment of injuries or health problems and disorders, which is done by a doctor in a systematic way. However, even minute surgeries take some time to recover; the critical it is the more time it takes to recover.

There are many do’s and don’ts to follow after you go home followed by a major surgery. This not only ensures your fast recovery but also helps you prevent any undesired complications and infections. Below given is a list of tips to take care of your health post surgery –

Tips to be Taken Note of Post Surgery

Take Pain Killer Medicines

Pain is sure to occur if you have had a major surgery because of the new wound inflicted to correct the disorder. Therefore start taking the pain killers on time, as the pain becomes easy to manage if you start the pain killers before the pain sets in and makes it unbearable to tolerate.

Recovery Program

A major surgery requires a longer period of time to recover. The sooner you are able to get out of bed and resume your normal life post surgery, the better it is. Thus find out about the enhanced recovery programs of the hospitals and avail them, so that you are able to get physiotherapy and other therapies to help you recover soon and get back to your normal life.

Plan your Post Discharge Period

After discharge you will need to look after yourself. So take care to arrange help of a person, who may take care of your requirements when you may not be able to do the work of your daily routine all by yourself back at home. Also ask the hospital authorities to book an ambulance to take you back to home comfortably if required.

Take all Advice and Equipments Before Discharge

If you have had a major surgery, you may require equipments and medicines after discharge. So before leaving the hospital, take the advice from the doctor about medicines to be taken and about how to treat the wound. Take the advice of the physiotherapist about the exercises to be done daily to get back to normal.

And also take the advice of the experts about how to use the equipments you would need, such as walkers, crutches and splints. Another important thing to take advice is about the stitches that may have been put on the wound. So find out the date when you will have to go back to the hospital for the dressing.

What Food to Avoid

Take the advice from your doctor about which type of food to take and which to avoid, helping you in speedy hassle free recovery. Wrong food choices can make the wound healing process time taking. Too much sugary foods, butter and ghee should be avoided.

Thus above given tips will help you in speedy recovery after a surgery so that you can get back to your normal schedule as soon as possible.

HWC Team

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