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DietSensor Counts Calories in your Food

diet sensor counts calories in foods
HWC Team
January07/ 2016

Good news for those who count carbs and calories in food. You can count the calories of food with Dietsensor, a tool that is created to scan your food and determine the nutritional value.

Experts said that this is the next generation diet and nutrition app. DietSensor has worked with nutritionists and doctors to create customized diets.

A French startup DietSensor has introduced this gadget to reveal the nutritional value of food by scanning the chemicals. You can get real carbs, calories and carb count just by placing the pocket-sized tech tool, termed as SCiO over your food.

The device act as a Bluetooth-connected molecular sensor, which uses near-infrared spectroscopy to determine the chemical composition of food and drink. The tool is useful for people looking to figure out what’s in their plants, food, medication, oil, fuels and plastics.

The tool works only on homogeneous foods, so you should scanning each food item on your plate. It also works on homemade foods and alcohol, hence it is better than barcode scanning diet apps.

Once you scan food, the SCiO scanner will transmit the dietary information to the app through Bluetooth. Your screen will show the food’s breakdown and the app will include this to specialized diet tracker.

HWC Team

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