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Full Mouth Reconstruction-Symptoms, Risk Factors & Treatment Options

Full Mouth Reconstruction
Dr. Bhumik Patel
Dr. Bhumik Patel
August07/ 2015

Full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation are terms often used to define the process of rebuilding or restoring the teeth in both upper and lower jaws.  The treatment will be provided by general or restorative dentists who can carry out procedures like crowns, bridges & veneers and periodontists.

mouth reconstruction

When to consider full mouth reconstruction?

The following are the few cases in which full mouth reconstruction is preferred:

  • Teeth lost due to decay, trauma, injury or fracture
  • Severe worn out teeth due to long-term acid erosion caused due to the consumption offoods, beverages, acid reflux or tooth grinding
  • Continuous chronic pain in jaw, clicking or popping of the jaw
  • Frequent muscle tenderness, headaches and back pain

Full mouth reconstruction process

Full mouth reconstruction procedure involves the following examinations to determine which treatment works best for you. The following are the few areas to be considered before deciding the treatment option:


The condition of your teeth will define what restorative procedures are required such as porcelain veneers or full-coverage crowns, bridges or implants restored with a crown, inlays or onlays. Particularly, your dentist will check for any cavities, decay, tooth wear, cracks, short/long teeth and root canal issues.

full mouth reconstruction

Periodontal (gum) tissues

In case of unhealthy gums, scaling and root planning are required to treat periodontal disease. You need to undergo some intensive treatments such as bone grafts or soft tissue to make sure that your newly reconstructed teeth will have a solid foundation.

Temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles and occlusion

A stable bite, which doesn’t result in pain, wear and destruction, is important to your overall health. Occlusal changes should be kept in mind while planning for restorations.


The color, size, shape, teeth proportion, and how they appear in relation to your gums, mouth, lips, face are some of the few important factors that should be considered in full mouth reconstruction treatment.

Full mouth reconstruction treatment options

Every full mouth reconstruction is unique. Your dentist will develop a dental treatment plan only after examining the health of your teeth, jaw and gums. Sometimes, you may need a prosthodontist, who are specially trained in performing full mouth reconstruction treatment. A number of treatments fall under full mouth reconstruction category. Your dentist will recommend the best treatment option after studying your case. The following are the various treatment options:

  • Tooth filling and root canal treatment
  • Scaling and root planning
  • A bite repositioning orthodontic appliance
  • Mouth guard or night guard
  • Veneers
  • Dental crown
  • Dental inlays and dental onlays
  • Dental implants or a dental bridge
  • Dental bonding
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental braces

Potential risks

People with heart issues and autoimmune diseases may require special considerations before going for full mouth reconstruction. In case of people who do not practice good oral health and who take illegal drugs may not get lasting results from dental treatments. Smoking or excessive consumption of alcohol can compromise oral health and effect full mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Bhumik Patel
Dr. Bhumik Patel

Dr.Bhumik is a practicing dental surgeon and the owner of pure dental clinic located in Surat, Gujarat.

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