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Essential Health Checkup Tests for Smokers

essential health checkup tests for smokers
HWC Team
January25/ 2016

All the welfare organizations have spread out their words and campaigns letting the mass know about the adverse effects of smoking. You will hardly find a person who is not aware of smoking’s dangerous and harmful effects on health. Yet, a lot of people face difficulties when it comes to quitting this bad habit.

Medically it has been termed as ‘tobacco use disorder’. It is the duty of the medical practitioner to encourage everyone who has this disorder to quit smoking. But even after you have quit smoking, there are few medical tests that you must undergo. This also applies to the active smokers, in order to keep themselves conscious about the threats that smoking is causing to their bodies.

Medical Tests that Smokers should Undergo

A former or a current smoker must undergo a few medical checkups. Here is a list of the check ups-

Spirometry and the ex ray of the chest are two checkups that every smoker must undergo. Spirometry is nothing but a simple breathing test which is required for measuring lung function.  It is obvious that smoking damages the lungs, and therefore checkup of the lungs are very important. This can state whether you have COPD or not. Also an early x ray of the smoker’s chest may reveal a few important things, according to a number of doctors.

Another important medical checkup that a smoker must undergo is the CT scan. CT scan provides a better result than regular x rays, and therefore is important to detect the early signs of lung cancer. Doctors are of the opinion that early detection of lung cancer is very helpful in curing a patient from that disease. Even after one has quit smoking, CT scan should be done in order to check the condition of the lungs.

ECG or EKG is another medical test that is imperative for smokers. Since cigarette smoking damages your heart too, along with lungs etc, this test is very important to check that how far smoking has damaged your heart. It tends to clog the blood vessels inside the heart, thereby creating obstacle for the blood flow to and from the heart.

Smokers can become the victim of different age related chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. Therefore, diabetes test is also quite important for the smokers. There are different blood sugar tests that the doctors may prescribe, such as fasting blood glucose level, oral glucose tolerance level, etc. People who quit smoking have a decreased chance of developing diabetes, but, the chance is not completely wiped out. Therefore a medical test is also necessary for someone who was a smoker in the past.

Vitamin D test is also needed. A smoker who is above 50 years of age, must get a simple blood test to measure the amount of Vitamin D in their blood. This applies to a person who has already quit smoking. Vitamin D deficiency in blood is related to lung problems.

These are the most important tests that a smoker, or an ex-smoker must take in order to ensure that every organ in their body is working properly and not too much damage is caused due to smoking.

HWC Team

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