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Health Checkups for Testing Healthy Hormones

health checkups for testing healthy hormones
HWC Team
March12/ 2016

When you have hormone imbalance in the body, you often feel low, and depressed. This problem manifests itself through one or several demonstrations, like, having heavy or painful periods, sudden weight gain, a sudden burst of acnes on the skin etc.

But you cannot be sure of the imbalance until and unless you have checked it out and have a medical test to prove your guesses to be true. There can be different tests for this, and one might not know the best possible way to find out, because having an accurate result of the tests matter to a large extent.

Suitable and Accurate Tests for Checking the Hormones

Below given is the list of the important tests that helps to detect hormones imbalance if any:

Blood Panel Test

A blood panel test is probably the most common test that is prescribed to a patient at least initially. A doctor might ask for a common thyroid test, but it is better to have TSH, free T3 and reverse T3 test. Also it is a good idea to check adrenaline. It is true that the blood tests can be a bit expensive, but, the best part of these tests is that they are fairly accurate. Therefore, once you get your blood tested, you will be sure about the exact situations with your hormones.

Saliva Tests

These are also important for testing the level of various hormones in one’s body. You do not even need a doctor’s direction to get a saliva test conducted. You can also conduct these tests at home, if you want to. On the lop side though, these tests are not that accurate, so you cannot rely on them too much.

Mercury Test

If you are suffering from weight gain, hair loss, low sex drive, fatigue or lack of energy, etc., then irrespective of your gender, you need to go through a mercury test. This is also necessary for people who have thyroid glands that are underperforming. But you will need a doctor to prescribe the test to you according to your condition.

Neuroendocrinal Panel Test

Women who are going through a pre menopause phase or men who are suffering from depression, and irritable feeling, Neuroendocrinal panel test is a very good option. This is also advised for people trying to get off sleeping pills, anti depressants etc.

Pathway Fit Test

There is the pathway fit test which studies an individual’s personal genetic code. It basically examines how your body responds to exercise; therefore it can give you the ideal advice for losing weight.

These are some important health checkups which help you to determine the balance of healthy hormones in your body and how they can be improved according to the needs and condition of your body.

HWC Team

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