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8 Important Health Checkups to be Done after you Turn 30

8 Important health checkups to be done after you turn 30
HWC Team
December11/ 2015

Most of us opt for important health checkups only after we encounter certain unexpected medical problems or issues. But it is important for all of us to get medical checkups done regularly.  After all it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Timely medical checkups could make all the difference between cure and prevention. As soon as a person turns 30, he must opt for certain health checkups to ensure that his health is perfect and to cure conditions that could become into serious problems later on. Below given is the list of the major checkups that should be done after the age of 30

1. Exam

This is an essential health exam which must be done after 30 so that you can stay away from conditions like rectal injuries, hemorrhoids’ and even cancer.

2. Electrocardiogram

This is a test which helps in establishing a baseline level for your heart so that you can make sure your heart is working fine and is pumping blood in the manner so that it can reach all parts of your body. It must be done after you cross 30 and preferably every 4 years.

3. Blood Pressure

This is a condition which has become as common as cold and cough these days and one reason behind this is the stress of everyday life. This stress generally increases as we grow old and try to become successful in our lives. Thus a blood pressure test is essential after we cross the age of 30.

4. Cholesterol

You must also get your cholesterol levels checked after turning 30 since one has a tendency to develop cholesterol as you turn old. We often do not give much importance to cholesterol but high cholesterol can really prove negative for your health.

5. Sexually Transmitted Disease Check

This is yet another test that must be done after turning 30 since this is an age in which the risk of suffering from this condition can be high. It must be done every 5 years and especially if you are involved with more than 1 partner.

6. Breast Exam for Women

All females over the age of 30 must get breast exams done every few years as it helps to confirm the absence or presence of any breast condition like breast cancer. Getting this test done at the right time can save one from a lethal disease.

7. Prostrate Exam

This is a test which all men over the age of 30 must get done so that a proper examination can be done to avoid piling up a still harmless problem or issue. Men must get this test done after every 3-4 years.

8. Diabetes

Diabetes is a basic test which both men and women over the age of 30 must get done every now and then. It helps you to know if you are suffering from diabetes or not. It is done in the form of a urine test and results are given out within a few hours.

HWC Team

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