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Priority Health Tests for 40 Years and Above

priority health tests for 40 years and above
HWC Team
November06/ 2015

40 is a crucial age and it is just the right time to assess how healthy you are in general. This is the age when you start getting symptoms of age related diseases; many ignore it and the wise go for immediate health checkups and tests to prevent the onset of the diseases.

These tests help you to remain tension-free as the age is often associated with unexplained anxiety bouts, stress, aches, inabilities and organ malfunctioning. This article will help you to know about all the essential tests that are needed once you cross the age bar of 40.

Common Tests for Both Men and Women

Blood Pressure Screening

It is important that you get your blood pressure checked regularly. Check it daily, if your systolic number is between 120 and 139 and the diastolic number is between 80 and 89 mm Hg. Blood pressure can be controlled with diet and exercise and of course with medicines and make sure that it is under control to prevent heart attacks and other serious heart ailments.

Blood Sugar Test

Blood sugar test is also important as this is the time when diabetes can set in. High blood sugar levels can be caused due to junk foods or due to weight gain. Weight gain in females can be due to hormonal changes.

  • Check your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes and you are above the age of 45
  • Test your blood sugar levels if you are overweight and this should be done before 40

Cholesterol Check

People above the age of 34, should get their cholesterol levels checked every year. People who have high cholesterol levels should get it checked more.


This is done in order to detect colon cancer before the appearance of any symptoms. This test is important as colon cancer is 90% curable if diagnosed in time.

Dental Checkup

It is important that you go for a dental checkup every year and also get your oral cavity cleaned.

Eye Checkup

Get your eye examined every 2 – 3 years if you have any vision problems. Diabetes patients also have the risk of glaucoma and thus the test becomes even more important.

Tests for Women

Mammogram and Breast Exam

It is important that you keep checking your breasts at home and visit the doctor at least once in a year. Experts recommend adding mammogram to the list of tests for women above the age of 40 as well to detect breast cancer.

Bone Mineral Density Test

Osteoporosis is common in women and so this is test is important. Consult your doctor and get the test done.

Tests for Men

Testicular Exam

The risk of testicular cancer is less after the age of 40. However, prostate cancer risk is there after the age of 50. Enlarged prostate is also common. Thus, going for regular testicular examinations is important for men above 40.

Skin Exam

Since men do not wear sunscreen, getting your skin checked is also advisable to prevent the risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer can be prevented with the use of sunscreen.

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