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Important Health Checkups for Senior Citizen

important health checkups for senior citizen
HWC Team
March12/ 2016

As you grow old, your body starts showing some problems and you tend to take much more time to recover from any illness. It is also the time when you will need to take regular medicines for some medical conditions, and also your lifestyle will get more restricted. But, first and foremost you will need to be sure about the actual condition of your body. This is why you will need health check up more than when you were younger. The question however is what the important health checkups that you must undergo are?

Health Checkups that Senior Citizens Need

Once you have crossed the age limit of 60 years, you should take more care of your health. Here are some important tests which will help to take preventive measures.

Blood Pressure

The first and the most important test that you probably need is the blood pressure check up. A lot of people suffer from high blood pressure without being aware of the fact. Even if your blood pressure is normal, make it a point to check it regularly, at least once in every year.

Dental Check-Ups

As you grow older, your dental problems start to rise. It is important to have good oral hygiene when you are ageing. This is the time you start losing teeth and have other related gum and dental problems. Therefore when you feel difficulty in chewing, it is time to contact your dentist.


Another very important check up is to check if you are suffering from diabetes or not. This is important because if you are diagnosed with high blood sugar, then you will have to lead a restricted life; there will be some food restriction, advice to walk among other things. Also if you have diabetes, you will have to keep a track of the blood sugar content.

Breast Check Up for Women

It is generally believed that starting 40 onwards, women should undergo regular check up off their breasts, to find out if they have breast cancer or not. When you are above 60, it is imperative that you should do mammogram and breast examination very regularly, and if you have a family history of cancer, then the doctors will suggest an annual check up to see if there is any risk or not.

Pap Smear Test

Pap smear test is another test for women which many doctors think is really important. It is supposed to detect cervical or vaginal cancer. Once you have reached the age of 65, it is advisable that you take the Pap smear test.

Prostate Cancer

Likewise, men need screening for prostate cancer risks at the advanced age. This is a test which is likely to tell you if you run the risk of prostate cancer or not. However, it is not a full proof test.

Along with these tests, there are some other important tests that you should take. For the best advice it is better to consult your doctor.

HWC Team

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