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Is Flossing Good for your Dental Health?

Is flossing good for your dental health
HWC Team
August31/ 2015

Despite of innumerable reminders by the dental experts; the body part that is mostly ignored by people is probably teeth and gums. Generally it is the premium advice of all dentists to regularly brush and floss your teeth in order to make sure that no food particle remains stuck between the teeth. But is flossing really beneficial for your dental health? Or is it just a fashion to do it? Here the pros and cons of flossing is enlisted –

Flossing: The Pros and Cons of the Practice

Flossing means the process of using a specific type of string to clean the gap between the teeth. Many dentists suggest it to remove those food particles that are generally not reached by tooth brush. This particles, if not removed in right time can lead to dental cavities, gum infections and other such maladies. Thus a lot of people floss their teeth regularly. Flossing is also good if you do not want your breath to stink.

There are different types of flosses that are used. Let us see the difference between the two types and their pros and cons

Nylon or Multifilament Floss

This type of floss contains a lot of intertwined strands of a string.

  • Pros: It can be dipped in the mouthwash and have a better chance of retaining the mouthwash in the string. It is also believed that it cleans the teeth better.
  • Cons: The problem is, it generally breaks more easily and then some of the strand can remain struck inside the teeth. As it is thicker, it is also more difficult to get it out from the gaps between your teeth and therefore could be more than a minor irritant for you.

PTFE or Monofilament Floss

It is generally a single strand floss made of Teflon.

  • Pros: because it is single it is easier to slide between the gaps of your teeth.
  • Cons: the trouble is this tends to get tangled easily. Especially if you use the same area of the floss to clean too many teeth.

Unwaxed Floss

It is thin nylon floss made with many strand and not waxed.

  • Pros: It fits the space between teeth better.
  • Cons: Since it is not waxed, it tends to break down very easily.

Dental Tape

This is far wider than the regular floss and is good for you if your teeth have gaps between them. It can be waxed or unwaxed.

  • Pros: people who have bigger gaps between teeth need this specific variety to floss their teeth.
  • Cons: it is not for the regular user.

Apart from these there are super flosses available in the market that are made of materials like yarn and are stiffer than the regular flosses. They help you clean between braces.

All in all it can be stated that it is beneficial for your teeth to be flossed regularly. Try different floss to see which is more suitable for you. Flossing helps to clean the plaque in the teeth too, thus it has more pros than cons.

HWC Team

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