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Planning to Get Liposuction Done- Know the Pros and Cons

planning to get liposuction done- know he pros and cons
HWC Team
October01/ 2015

Liposuction, which is also called Lipoplasty, is all about fat modeling. This is a process of cosmetic surgery by which unwanted fat is removed from different parts of a human body, such as thigh, abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms etc. This kind of surgery is performed by administering general, regional or local anesthesia. But like all things, this too has both positive as well as negative aspects. Let’s have a look –

Pros Associated with Liposuction

Fast Process

You will be surprised to see that almost 10-15 kgs can be lost at one go. Some people have obesity problems due to improper metabolic disorders like insulin resistance, overeating, thyroid issues and many more lifestyle problems. Losing weight in such cases is not easy by natural processes like exercising and diet control, as they also keep feeling hungry owing to previous habits. So liposuction is a very helpful process to get those extra pounds removed.

Not a Major Surgery

This process is definitely not a very serious or major surgery! The doctors make small incision and take care to minimize pain and skin layer damage as possible, so risk of life is generally not involved with this surgery.

Recovery Time is Minimal

After the removal of fat, the elastic skin slowly retracts itself and comes to normal size and shape within 2 weeks and the person actually looks slimmer. The side effects of the surgery are also not felt, unless the case is really rare and complicated. Thus, recovery time is just minimal and you can carry on your normal routine even during the recovery phase. Depending upon the amount of fat removed, you can get back to your regular routine soon.

Long Term Effect

The fat cells in this process are permanently gone. As the surgery is done to remove the fat layers of the body by the help of a ‘Cannula’, and a suction instrument thereafter, the fat that is removed is permanently gone and there is no fear of that layer reappearing again.

Cons Associated with Liposuction

The Amount of Fat Varies with Patients

There is a limit to the amount of fat that can be Safely removed in one session and that depends on the other health factors of the patient. So the patient may have to undergo the process a number of times if required.

Dents and Lumps

There can be many dents and/or lumpiness around the area of the surgery if not done by safe hands. The skin may become uneven and bumpy.

Surgical Hazards

If the doctor fails to understand the amount of fat that can be safely removed, the patient can be over suctioned and that may be a surgical hazard.

Other Side Effects

Though large fat amount can be reduced through liposuction, it is often seen that person face sudden weight loss side effects after the surgery like appetite loss, depression and others.

Risky if Anesthesia Levels are Incorrect

It can be said as a life threatening process because of general anesthesia which is given. In case the amounts are not correct, fatal complications can arise

Other Obesity Causes cannot be Cured with this Surgery

Liposuction cannot fight against disorders of obesity related problems such as insulin resistance and others

Liposuction process has many challenges to face. Its success depends upon the right amount of fat removed, the least damage caused to the neighboring tissues and blood vessel, keeping the person’s fluid balance in the body intact, and also causing minimum discomfort to the person. Thus the process has both pros and cons and should be conducted under expert advice only.

HWC Team

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