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Health is Wealth- List of Important Yearly Health Checkup

yearly health checkup list
HWC Team
February27/ 2016

While most of us do not get health checkups done every year, it is rather important and is a way to be reassured that you are fit and healthy.  Some people consider it a way to prevent conditions; others may take yearly medical checkups to be compulsory activities which need to be on their calendar every year.

But since there are so many tests and examinations to be done, people can often get confused which to get done and which to leave. Thus for your reference, we have brought a list of the yearly physical health checkup.

Blood Pressure Test

The blood pressure range must be within 80 to 120. Anything over and under this bracket is a cause of worry and this is why it is important to include a BP test in your yearly physical examinations.

Heart Rate

Another important physical checkup that you must get done every year is the heart rate test. Values between 60 and 100 are considered normal.

Respiration Rate

This too is another test which people must get done every year. The normal rate of breathing is between 12 to 16 breaths per minute for a healthy adult. Breathing of more than 20 breaths per minute may indicate some problem related to the lungs or the heart.

Physical Tests

Abdominal Exam

There are many examination techniques to check the abdomen health. This can be done by tapping the abdomen to detect liver size and presence of abdominal fluid.

Neurological Exam

This is an examination of the muscle strength, nerves, balance, mental state and reflexes.

Dermatological Exam

this is another physical test which involves checking whether the skin and hair etc are in good and healthy condition.

Head and Neck Exam

Another physical test which can be included in your yearly physical health checkup list is head and neck exam. This helps the examiner to check the condition of your throat, nose, ears, sinuses, thyroid, lymph nodes and carotid arteries as well. It also helps you know about the condition of your teeth and gums.

Male Physical Exams

  • Some of the medical tests that males must get done on a yearly basis include testicular exam, hernia exam, penis exam, prostate exam and others. These exams can help see and check whether the male reproductive parts are healthy and working without any problems.

Female Physical Exams

  • Breast exam-this physical test lets practitioners check for any abnormal lumps or chances of breast cancer. In this test, the doctor checks the lymph nodes in the underarm area.
  • Pelvic exam-this examination helps to examine the vulva, cervix and the vagina. It helps to ensure that the female is not suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases.

Lab Tests

  • There are no compulsory lab tests in the annual physical healthy checkups but some doctors may order tests like complete blood count, chemistry panel and urinalysis.
  • A screening lipid test is also recommended after every 4 to 6 years to check cholesterol levels and hence risk of heart conditions.

HWC Team

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