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10 Medical Tests you should get Done After 30

Must to do medical tests after the age of 30
HWC Team
July01/ 2015

So are you someone who is around 30? Well, besides fulfilling your travel aspirations, your job goals and life objectives, there are many things that a person of 30 must do. One of the most important things that a person who crosses the age of 30 must get done is a series of medical tests.

These tests help to ensure that your health is fine and that you have no major areas of concern.  If you are looking for a list of the must do medical tests after 30, then the following list will prove useful for you.

List of Medical Tests:

1. Check Creatinine Levels

This test is important for people above 30 as it helps to know whether your kidneys are functioning properly or not. This is a blood test.

2. Blood Sugar Test to Rule out Diabetes

This is a test for glycation of hemoglobin and helps to check the level of plasma glucose in your blood. This is an important test associated with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

3. Basic Blood Test

For every individual, it is very important to know the hemoglobin levels in the blood, and the count of red blood cells as well as the white blood cells. For this, basic blood tests must be done from time to time and especially after crossing the age of 30. A blood test is also useful as it points out to any nutrition deficiency.

4. Urine Test

A urine test is a basic test, which checks for infections and rules out their presence.

5. Test for Uric Acid

Those who have joint pains may have high levels of uric acid and this test is done to confirm or deny this very fact.  Gout is a condition of inflammation of joints and is increasingly becoming common among young men and women these days.

6. Liver and Kidney Profile

These tests are done to make sure that these important organs of the body are working fine and whether  there are any hormonal imbalances.

7. General Physical Examination

A general physical test is a basic test which checks body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and other basic parameters of one’s health.

8. Lipid Profile/ ECG

This is a test which must be done by those who do not feel very active physically. Getting the lipid profile checked lets you know that you do not have any major issues like heart problems, etc.  This test monitors the cholesterol, the triglycerides etc. If the body points out to extreme fatigue, chest ache, sweatiness etc. then an ECG is done for further investigation.

9. Thyroid Test

Thyroid is a very common issue among women and especially those who have crossed the mark of 30 years. A thyroid test is done to check whether the person is suffering from the thyroid disease or is close to it.

10. Sonography

This is an another test which must be opted  by women over 30 years of age as it helps to know if all the internal organs are working fine.

HWC Team

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