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Must to Know Points Before Getting Braces

must to know points before getting braces
HWC Team
February01/ 2016

A lot of people feel bad about their uneven or bigger teeth and they also make your appearance awkward, especially when you smile. Parents are justifiably concerned about the uneven setting of their children’s teeth as if not treated during tender age, the setting will remain the same or deteriorate with time. In such cases braces can be really helpful, though initially it may come across with many issues and discomfort while talking, eating etc.

However, later it proves its worth, when you get back the perfect teeth alignment.  It is imperative to get yourself or your kid checked with the orthodontics before you decide on to get braces. Once the appointment is done, you can get all the clarifications about braces and follow the tips accordingly before getting the braces done.

Things to do Before you Get your Braces

It is always better to get yourself prepared before you actually get the braces fixed on your teeth. Here are certain things you must know beforehand –

Can be Done at Any Age

It is a common misconception that braces are only for young kids. In reality, there is practically no age limit in getting the braces fixed. Once there was this notion that only teenagers wear braces, but at present, the number of adults wearing braces is increasing rapidly. Thus age should not be a reason for shying away from the braces.

Know the Types

There are several types of braces that can be found in the market. There are obviously the age old metal ones, and then there are modern inventions such as clear fixed braces among other things. There is something called lingual braces that is fixed behind the teeth, thus making sure, you do not have a metallic smile.

Benefits of Braces

There is another misconception prevalent among people that braces are used only to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile. On the contrary, the braces can also help you have the correct bite by ensuring that both the upper and lower teeth meet each other in a proper position. This will also make sure that you do not have a jaw problem due to improper bite position or any other dental problem. Thus it also has medical value.

Post Application Process of Braces

Once the braces are gone, the orthodontists generally provide their patient with a retainer, the purpose of which is to make sure all the hard work of the braces does not go in vein, that is, the teeth is moved back to its earlier uneven position. Retainers are not troublesome to wear, and they can easily become a habit.

The Common Discomforts

It is obvious that when you are wearing braces, you will face some discomfort, at least during the initial period of adjustment. Some people can also have sore mouth due to new braces. Therefore, for the first few days you must eat soft food. And if the discomfort continues longer than the usual, consult your orthodontist.

Oral Care While having Braces

It is essential to clean your teeth properly, before you get your braces fixed. If the orthodontist does not find the cleaning process satisfactory, they might clean them with a polishing paste.

After you get your braces, it is necessary to follow a proper oral hygiene as well as taking good care of your braces. Make sure, you know these beforehand, and also take ample mental preparation to live with braces.

HWC Team

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