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Rapid HIV Testing in the Dental Setting – Oraquick Advance

Rapid HIV testing in the dental setting –Oraquick advance
Dr.Nisha George
Dr.Nisha George
November18/ 2015

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection is a viral infection that attacks the immune system, the body’s natural defense system. Without a strong immune system, the body cannot fight the disease.

White blood cells are an important part of the immune system. HIV infects and destroys certain white blood cells called CD4+ cells. If too many CD4+ cells are destroyed, the body can no longer defend itself against infection.

The last stage of HIV infection is AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) where there is a low number of CD4+ cells and get infections or cancers that rarely occur in healthy people. These can be deadly.

Testing is a gateway to treatment and prevention

Oraquick advance is a noninvasive test approved by FDA. It is a qualitative ELISA (Enzyme linked Immuno Sorbent Assay) screening test for HIV 1/HIV2.It detects the antibodies in the gingival transudate. It is suitable where blood draws are impractical or unsafe. Sensitivity and specificity is > 99% comparable to testing devices using whole blood/plasma.

This rapid HIV testing is helpful in the timely diagnosis of HIV infection, early and medical intervention, improved survival, better quality of life, prevention of transmission. It is cost effective and preferred by providers and by patients. It expediates diagnosis and counselling of HIV infected patients.

Papid Test Interpretation

Swab the flat pad of test device once around the outer gums and place the device inside the developer, results in 20 mins.

Visible red in control zone: test worked.

Visible redline in control zone only: Nonreactive

Visible redline in control and test zones: reactive

No visible line or in other areas: invalid

Rapid noninvasive sensitive and specific screening technology facilitates integration of HIV testing into routine clinical care. Rapid access to results of HIV testing allows patients act on this information faster. Oral health care providers could contribute to prevention and facilitate timely medical interventions.

Dr.Nisha George
Dr.Nisha George

Dr. Nisha George completed her graduate degree in dentistry from Bangalore, following which she completed her PG diploma in hospital administration from Apollo. She is currently pursuing her Masters in oral biology research from Rutgers University in USA.

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