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6 Best Tips and Suggestions to Keep yourself Relaxed Before Surgery

best tips and suggestions to keep yourself relaxed before surgery
HWC Team
October16/ 2015

If you are scheduled to have a surgery any time soon, then it is natural to feel anxious, scared and tensed.  Most people are worried and stressed about undergoing surgical procedures since there are many things that could go wrong.

While some have a fear of hospitals, others may be scared of doctors. On the other hand, some people are simply scared of needles and complicated surgical equipment. But it is very important for people to remain calm and relaxed before a surgery and the following are some of the tips to do so:

1. Breathe and Relax

One of the best ways to relax and keep yourself calm before a surgery is to breathe deeply.  Deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation helps to slow down your breath as well as your racing heart.  It thus helps to calm you down. You must follow deep breathing exercises atleast a week in advance before your surgery.

2. Visualize a Calmer Version of you

It is a fact that what we think in our subconscious minds really affects the real version of us. Thus by visualizing a calmer version of yourself, you can expose yourself to positive thoughts and become much relaxed and calm. Every day, close your eyes for a few minutes and visualize that you are completely relaxed before the surgery and the procedure has gone very smoothly. This will also keep away all negative thoughts of anxiety and pain.

3. Be Informed about the Procedure

Another way in which you can really keep yourself calm before the surgery is to keep yourself informed about the procedure, its reasons, its expected outcome and other such things. Don’t hesitate in asking your doctor about the surgery and you can also do your own research.  By knowing what is going to happen, you can reduce half of your worries and apprehension.

4. Listen to Some Music

Create a playlist of all songs which help you relax and keep you calm. Listen to this playlist whenever you can and especially before the surgery so that you can remain as tension free as possible. Make sure that the songs have a nice peppy feel and they help you to uplift your spirits and mood instantly.

5. Get Support

Ask your friends and family to divert your attention from negative thoughts related to the surgery so that you can avoid getting stressed or tensed.  Talk to them about how you feel and see if they can help you get over your fears or anxiety. If possible, visit the doctor or surgeon a day before and get help regarding your fears.

6. Consider Medication

If you feel that your anxiousness is beyond your control and none of the above methods work, then you can ask your doctor to give you anti anxiety medication. You can take this at a night before the surgery so that all your anxious thoughts can be laid to rest and you feel calmer.

HWC Team

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