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Teeth Whitening- Pros and Cons

teeth whitening
Dr. Monika Bhanushali
Dr. Monika Bhanushali
April06/ 2016

Now days, there is a boost in the cosmetic dentistry. Everyone wants to have a dazzling smile which can light up the world. Thanks to teeth whitening treatments and procedures!! Tooth whitening is a process by which the natural shade of the teeth is restored or many times the teeth can be whitened even more than the natural shade to make them look brighter. Tooth whitening helps in removing the yellow stains from the enamel of the teeth. Red wine, tobacco, tea and coffee can leave theses stains on the teeth. There are multiple options available to whiten your teeth.

Many over the counter products and home kits are available in the market to carry out teeth whitening at home. But, a call of caution!! These products can cause side effects. As every coin as two sides, the teeth whitening treatment also has some pros and cons.

In order to help you make an informed decision about teeth whitening, let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of this procedure:


Stain Removal

There are multiple food items that we ingest every day. Most commonly the drinks like coffee, tea and food items containing a lot of sugar and habits of tobacco chewing leave stains on teeth. These items also get used by the mouth bacteria to cause plaque formation on the surface of the teeth. Teeth whitening procedure helps in removing the stains from the teeth and makes them brighter.

Smile and Personality Improvement

When you have better looking teeth which are also brighter in appearance, it improves the appearance of your smile overall. Having a better smile also has an effect on the overall appearance of your personality.

Better Dental Health

Removing the stains also gets rid of the plaques generated by the bacteria on the surface of the teeth i.e. enamel.  These plaques are the main cause of teeth decay and dental cavities. Teeth whitening procedure thus helps in reducing the risk of dental caries.

Boosts Self Confidence

A research says that young kids prefer to look at people who are better looking. Having a great and bright smile will help you feel more confident in your life.

Makes you Look Younger

Stained teeth or dull appearance is usually associated with old age people. And it is also often true because for that long period of time the teeth are exposed to the staining agents. Hence having your teeth whitened will make you look younger.



Excessive whitening may cause the teeth to become sensitive so much that any sweet or cold or temperature food will cause pain while ingesting. Excessive bleaching removes the enamel or diminishes it and exposes the underlying dentin which is sensitive.

Sore Gums and Teeth

The materials used to whiten the teeth are mostly bleaching agents like peroxide which can also cause some side effects and make the teeth and the gums feel sore. These products may also cause some allergic reaction.

Avoid Certain Food Items

Food items like sweets and acidic beverages should be avoided. Also avoid coffee, tea and wine. They might leave stains back on your teeth.


It’s not just a onetime procedure; you have to follow up with the doctor after the procedure for further sittings. You will also have to do flossing and brushing as per the dentists instructions.

If you want to whiten your teeth, it’s always suggested to take advice from a dentist before going for any random over the counter products available in the market.

Dr. Monika Bhanushali
Dr. Monika Bhanushali

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