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Top Medical Check-Ups Needed at Old Age

top medical check-ups needed at old age
HWC Team
April07/ 2016

Old age is also called the second childhood in a human’s life. This is the time when a person is free from all worries and lives his/her life freely. They live their lives by doing things they haven’t done before, but this is the phase when you should be more careful in what you do, what you eat.

You may feel fine at the age of 60 or above but there are certain things your body is going through internally without your notice. To keep a check on your body’s activities one way is the preventive health checkups or visit the physician on a monthly basis.

Medical or Preventive Health Checkups for 60 and up

Blood Pressure

You should check your blood pressure regularly. Blood pressure level above or below the line can interrupt the normal functioning of your brain, arteries, heart and eyes.

Weight Management

Maintain a standard weight as with aging, bones become weak and overweight may lead to back and joint pains and difficulty in walking.

Prostate Cancer Screening

Going for a prostate cancer test will not harm you anyway.

Breast Examination

For women, breast exam and mammogram is a MUST.

Pelvis Checking

Pelvic examination to see the position of the pelvic bone and checking the risk factors and a PAP smear test needs to be done.

Eye Checkup

Go for a regular eye check up and if needed have medicines and eye drops. At the age of 60 and up there is a chance of cataract or eyesight may get weaker due to aging.

Protect your Bones

After the age of 60, the risk of Osteoporosis gets higher in both men and women.

Cholesterol Screening

High cholesterol may also lead to heart attacks and strokes and thus you need to check your cholesterol levels regularly.


After the age of 60-65, the risk of pneumonia gets higher. To protect yourself against it, you need to take pneumococcal vaccine.

For men and women there are certain health checkups that are different. Thus if we specifically look for tests related to men and women, they are as follows:

Tests Essential for Men Above 55 Years

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm test
  • Blood pressure test
  • Cholesterol test and heart disease prevention
  • Lung cancer test
  • Colon cancer test
  • Diabetes test- before and after fasting
  • Dental check up
  • Eye check up
  • Hearing check up
  • Vaccination
  • Osteoporosis test
  • Prostate cancer test
  • Full body screening

Tests Essential for Women above 50 Years

  • Physical test
  • Thyroid test
  • Bone mineral density test
  • Mammogram
  • Clinical breast examination
  • Colonoscopy
  • Stool DNA test
  • Digital rectal test
  • Glucose test
  • Eye check up
  • Hearing test
  • Dental check up and cleaning
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Cholesterol test
  • Pap smear test
  • HPV test

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