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Treating Insect Bites with Assured Home Remedies

treating insect bites with assured home remedies
HWC Team
March07/ 2016

Insect bites are very common in all parts of the world, but in tropical countries like India this is even more commonly seen. Insects like bees, spiders, mosquitoes, ants, tick and even cockroaches leave a painful sting unknowingly. Some bites are merely itchy, while some bites can be really painful and serious if it’s by some poisonous bug. You can have swelling, redness, severe pain and even fever.

To deal with this, there are some very simple home remedies, which have shown effective results. Often people tend to take medicines on their own, which is not very safe and recommended. On the other hand, the home remedies are absolutely safe, though they take longer time to cure. Here are some effective home remedies for insect bites.

Few Home Remedies for Different Types of Insect Bites

Different types of insect bites need different types of treatment. Here are some simple homemade remedies for such insect bites.

Don’t move

If you have been stung by a bee, make sure you do not make too many physical movements as this makes the venom to spread in other parts of the body. If the stinger is inside the body, you must remove it as soon as possible. Do not use tweezers or finger nails to extract it. Once you have taken it out, apply some apple cider vinegar on the affected area as this will reduce the swelling. You can also use meat tenderizer on the area, or an aspirin paste. Alternatively, you can cut an onion and apply it in the place of sting. Crushed garlic pod or clove can also be used.

Apply Ice

If you are bitten by a bug, you can directly apply ice on the affected area. For mosquito bites too, a very easy home remedy is nothing but ice. If you use ice directly on the itchy and swelled area, the swelling will be reduced within few moments and this will also help to reduce the itchiness.

Visit a Doctor if it’s a Spider Bite

If you are bitten by a spider, it is better not to opt for any home remedies and instead go directly to the doctor as early as possible.

Tick Bite

If you are bitten by a tick, it is necessary to pull it out from your skin first. The problem with the ticks that, the rashes caused by its bite can surface as late as after three days. So even after few days of get bitten if you face any issues, visit your doctor.

Other Remedies

To reduce the itching from bug bite, people suggest the use of papaya to the area and this is also good when you have been stung by a bee. To remove the itchiness you can use underarm deodorants that are regularly used by most people.  Also if you have peppermint oil handy, you can also apply that on the area and see how it gives relief from the bite.

Majority of the above given remedies are effective but if there is no relief even after a time then it is better to visit a doctor.

HWC Team

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