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Avocado-Best Weight Loss Remedy

avocado weight loss
HWC Team
September14/ 2015

Avocados are spherical, egg shaped or pear shaped native flowering plants that grow mainly in Mexico and Central America. It generally looks like a large berry consisting of a single seed that are green skinned. Avocados are considered as one of the best solution for the obese or overweight because these native fruits have remarkable nutritional value, diet quality and are greatly helpful in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Studies have shown that taking avocados in measured amounts also helps in balancing the cholesterol levels. Given below are some of the reasons why Avocado can be considered as an effective weight loss remedy:

  • People who are fond of building bodies or are trying for weight loss measures in the gym, often takes pre-workout supplements for energy boost. Intake of avocados can help this naturally, providing same level of energy boost. In addition, the avocados are also aids in weight loss with proper diet and balanced nutritional levels. It crushes the rising calories level of a person and thus help to maintain ideal weight.
  • If you replace refined oils and pure ghee with avocado oil, you will experience a significant change in your weight as well as health. These refined and other oils contain fairly large amount of cholesterol and fat content that leads to weight gain. The avocado oils, derived freshly from the native avocado trees have proved to be really effective in treating weight gain issues.
  • Avocados are dieter’s best friend as it acts as a nutrition booster. It is rich in vitamins and contains additive nutrition that helps in leveling your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Also, avocados are rich in carotenoids that are known as disease fighting compounds and have proved to be of great help in maintaining weight and fighting weight gain issues.
  • Avocados are also known for winning over the radical fight that takes place inside our body. Free radicals are nothing but the destructive elements present inside our body which causes destruction to body cells and DNA molecules. According to the recent researches, avocados are rich in monounsaturated oil which is strong enough to bear the radical attack. It helps mitochondria perform its functions and hence does not stop the body to perform its day to day tasks. A person therefore feels physically active and can prevent weight gain.
  • Avocados when taken in adequate amounts can lower your hunger. It has been reported that half avocado if taken in lunch time can squash your hunger by 40%. It automatically decreases a person’s desire to eat for hours and hence reduces the amount of calorie intake. Another striking fact about avocado is that it doesn’t create any kind of deficiency in human body as it is rich in nutrition and protein content.

The above facts clearly display remarkable relationship between Avocados and weight loss. So if you are looking for effective measures to reduce weight and look gorgeous then take half avocado a day and see amazing results.

HWC Team

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