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Calorie Shifting Diet Plan – Definition, Pros and Cons

calorie shifting diet plan Definition, Pros and Cons
HWC Team
May23/ 2016

Among the latest diet plans, calorie shifting diet is making quite a bit of impact of health conscious sect of people. The idea is to shift the number of calories in order to lose weight. The most important aspects of this diet plan is that it leaves the plan of dieting on the person concerned. All and all, it is a healthy diet that leads to a magical result. The plan can lead to a lot of weight loss for those people who otherwise were unsuccessful in losing some of the bulk. Here are some important information about the diet plan that you might find interesting –

Some Useful Information about Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

What is Calorie Shifting Diet Plan?

It is such a plan where it is believed that you should vary the amount of calories you take each day, thereby, increasing the resting metabolic rate or RMR which is actually the sum of the amount of calories you burn while your body is resting. This is supposed to lead to weight loss in ideal conditions.

How should you Plan the Calories?

In this diet one counts the recommended calorie to be consumed throughout a week, and then each day consumes as much food as it is necessary to reach the recommended calorie at the end of one week. However, the amount of calories consumed on a day differs from that on another.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of this diet.  The advantages of the plan are as follows.


The diet is varied in nature and balanced too, unlike other diets, where you emphasis on one item and completely stay away from some others.


The diet is flexible and can suit the individual needs of the people. One can plan the meal according to their needs and preferences.


On some days, a person is allowed a larger intake of calories that is not all days one has to have a restricted diet.

However, there are also certain disadvantages of this diet, such as,

  1. It is believed, that this diet leads to similar amount of weight loss which can be achieved by any other diets, while this diet plan unnecessarily complicates things.
  2. Since there are some days, when calorie intakes will be low, you can severely lack energy.
  3. It is important that one should have an impeccable knowledge of the calorie counts of the food item, or one needs the guidance of an expert dietician to calculate the amount of calories that they intake each day.
  4. There are no scientific evidences that this diet plan leads to increased RMR rates and thereby accelerates weight loss.

There are various types of calories shifting diets, such as, Johnson’s updays downdays diet, fat loss for idiots’ diet, every other day or Q.O.D diet etc. The differences between these diet plans mainly rest on the number of days.

Thus these are the most important information about the latest fad, the calories shifting diet that you need to know, before you plan to follow this diet programme to lose weight.

HWC Team

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