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Addicted to Smoking? 7 Incredible Ways to Completely do Away with Smoking

effective ways to quit smoking
HWC Team
July07/ 2015

Tobacco addiction is one of the most common types of addictions in the world and the urge to smoke can be a strong urge.  But these cravings can wear you down and can have several other side effects as well. Smoking regularly not only is unhealthy for the lungs but also decreases stamina, dulls your skin and can prove problematic in other ways as well. So if you have been trying to quit the bud but haven’t been able to do so, the following 7 tips can prove useful for you:

1. Set a Date

The first thing you need to do in order to quit smoking is to set a date till which you will give up the habit. For example, set a reasonable and realistic period of time say 2 weeks or 1 month so that within that period of time, you can make efforts and let your body adjusts to the absence of nicotine.

2. Tell Others that you are Trying to Quit

Often, it is due to others around us that we are motivated to smoke. Make it a point to tell others around you like your family, friends, colleagues, etc. that you are trying to quit so that they avoid smoking in front of you and make it easier for you to quit.

3. Keep Cigarettes out of Reach or Remove them Completely

Another way in which you can learn to avoid or quit is to keep them out of your reach or remove them. For example, remove all cigarettes from your home, office and car etc. Also, freshen up all these environments to remove any smell of cigarettes which may make you want to smoke.

4. Chew on Gum

Chewing gum is one of the best ways to  quit smoking.  Chew a gum whenever you feel the urge for the cigarettes. It will   help divert your mind and may really help to curb the cravings. Always keep gum with you so that you can chew on it whenever you feel like a drag.

5. Avoid Smoking Triggers

Another way to quit smoking is to make it a habit to avoid all smoking triggers around you. Some common smoking triggers include alcohol and coffee or tea breaks etc. Also, most people tend to feel like smoking after the meal but by keeping gum, a fruit or any other such item near you can curb the urge.

6. Think about your Health

Always remember that cigarette smoking is very harmful for your health and may be decreasing your lifespan by a few minutes with every cigarette  you smoke. So keep in mind that your health is important than anything else and quitting now may prevent you from several health dangers like lung cancer, mouth cancer, ulcers, etc.

7. Find a Buddy to Quit with

If you have someone around you who also wants to quit then try to join him in his efforts as this can keep the motivation levels up.

HWC Team

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