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Keep Yourself Cool with this Summer with These Top 4 Food Items

Keep Yourself Cool With This Summer With These Top 4 Food Items
HWC Team
June12/ 2015

The scorching summer heat can squeeze out the water from our bodies, leaving us dry and dehydrated. As the temperatures during summer spike up, the chances of several diseases and conditions too are on the rise. To prevent these and to remain cool and fresh through the day, we must not only wear light and loose fitting clothes but also pay attention to our diet.

There are many foods which can keep us cool and hydrated and do not cause fluid loss due to sweating.  The following are some of the foods you can eat in summers to keep your body temperatures down:

Water Rich Foods

Water is the most important item to keep body temperatures down and remain hydrated. Besides consuming a lot of water in summers, you can also opt to eat water rich foods which can minimize the heating effects of the sun during the peak summer months. Fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cucumber, melons, etc. consist of large proportionate  of water levels and green leafy vegetables too can help you  feel cooler and hydrated. Include these foods in your diet either in the form of snacks or during breakfast and other meals.

Astringent Foods

Another type of foods that can help you feel cool during the hot months is astringent foods. Astringent food like bananas, lentils and beans etc. consist of a molecule called tannin which gives these foods a quality of dryness.  When you eat any of such foods, the tissues of the body tend to shrink or contract and this leads to more absorption of water in the body.  This in turn makes you feel hydrated.  Some examples of astringent fruits include grapes and persimmons.

Whole Grains

This may come as a surprise but whole grains are too among the foods which can make you feel cool and hydrated. Whole grains provide protection against the humid and hot days of summer and this is because of the fact that they contain loads of magnesium which acts as a natural tranquilizer.  This mineral has the ability to relax the nerve and muscle cells. It also helps in increasing the absorption levels of calcium in the blood and thus maintains the body temperature.  Some of the best whole grain examples include barley, rye, spelt, buckwheat and quinoa.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Have you ever tried cooking or sautéing green leafy vegetables like spinach? Well, when you add them to heat, they leave a lot of water which means that such goods are full of water content.  Some other such vegetables besides spinach which have a lot of water  are kale, broccoli and others.  These foods are also packed with calcium and hence are thus important for  regulating the body temperature.  This is why it is recommended that you include a lot of green leafy vegetables to your diet during summers. This can be done either by adding them to your salad, snacks or even lunch and dinners.

HWC Team

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