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10 Biggest Diet Mistakes, Experts Revealed

diet mistakes
HWC Team
August26/ 2015

Following strict diet plan but still not seeing any results? Wondering what may be the reason? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. We have asked a number of top trainers and nutritionists for the most common mistakes that people make when they get on a weight loss goal for the first time. If you are serious about shedding your pounds, here’s a great advice that helps get back you on track.

Not Counting Calories

Snacking happens but you need to add this to your daily caloric intake. Most people don’t add the calorie count to the total daily intake. Don’t forget to count the beverages like booze and soda.

How to fix?

A calorie-tracking mobile app can help measure the calories. You can log each item as you are eating. You may have some cookies or chocolates on the go, which can add extra calories to your plan. So, keep in mind that every calorie counts!

Going for a Cheat Day

Overeating once a week can help satisfy cravings but when done right can boost metabolism and help you burn calories more efficiently. Going overboard can add extra calories and make you feel sick and bloated for the days to come. Many people think that this can be dealt by working out throughout the entire week, which is not at all reasonable.

How to fix?

Go for a cheat meal instead of a cheat day. You still can have that pizza, donut or brownie and get back on the nutritious track.

Not Going for Workouts

Doing the same Cardio Sculpt workout everyday might not be the best idea. Experts opined that doing the same work out again and again can be detrimental to weight loss, because our bodies may adapt and become more efficient to that mode of exercise. Alternatively, you can spend a month on a treadmill and see some results. And, too much cardio can get help you avoid muscle that makes you look good.

How to fix?

To make sure that you are getting enough workouts, experts recommend that adjusting the frequency, time, intensity or type of workout can help you. To ensure, you are building muscle and boosting your metabolism, add high-intensity intervals and resistance training to your routine for minimum two times a week.

Too Much Limiting

Step away from the juice cleanses and going for a strict diet is not realistic always. Do not stick to the super low-calorie meal plan since it can make your body move into starvation mode, spending few calories to preserve energy.

How to fix?

Stop worrying about the number of calories you are eating and focus on the quality of those calories. Have home-made food, less packaged foods, balanced protein, healthy fats, whole grains and a lot of fruits and vegetables. These foods can help give you a good number of calories, without making you feel hungry or deprived.

Skipping Breakfast

People who skimp on breakfast often feel hungry and overeat at lunch and dinner. While your morning meal is not important to weight loss, studies show that eating early can increase dopamine levels, which may reduce cravings all through the day.

How to fix?

Make breakfast your largest meal of the day. Eat less as the day goes on to keep you from becoming excess hungry. A recent study proved that eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning can help you eat 50 % less at lunch.

HWC Team

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