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Dieting? 5 Myths that Every Dieter should Know

dieting 5 myths that every dieter should know
HWC Team
June03/ 2015

When it comes to dieting, there are countless books and articles that tell you about what to eat and what not. When you dig more into it, you’ll find different information in various sources. At last, you will be left out with no choice other than simply following your relatives or friends suggestion.

But, have you ever wondered that following their suggestions would help you lose weight. The food habit of one differs with the other; in fact no two bodies have the same dieting style. So, how can you shape your body by following what others say? You need to explore more, right? But, when it comes to reality, you’ll be surrounded by a lot of misconceptions about dieting. This is the reason why most people fail to achieve their goal. So, we have tapped experts and stacked a list of 5 most common diet myths that will actually make you fill up or trim you down.

Myth 1: Avoid Carbohydrates to Lose Weight

Cutting down carbohydrates in your diet makes you feel mouldy and unhealthy. Carbs help you to gain energy and experts suggest that taking at least 130 grams of carbs each day will help you stay fit and active. Avoiding taking carbohydrates in your diet leads to certain disorders such as fatigue, irritability, constipation and health diseases. It is better to avoid soda and foods that are made with white flour, instead start taking whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Myth 2: Diet Foods help you Lose Pounds

If you are in an impression that diet foods can help you lose weight, you are completely mistaken. In fact, pre-packaged diet foods contain more sugars and fat levels. Monounsaturated fats including olive oil and nuts and the polyunsaturated food such as corn, safflower oils and soybean can help you lose weight and improves cardiovascular system. On the other hand, intake of trans and saturated fats will increase the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Myth 3: Cutting Calories will Peel off Pounds

It’s a big mistake that most people do. Cutting your calories by 1200 each day makes you double whammy and lowers your metabolic rate. Eating fresh meat and fish, whole grains will help you get the most of the calories. These foods are better than refined foods and are rich in nutrients and vitamins with fewer calories.

Myth 4: No Dairy, no Fat

With calorie control, dairy products help you reduce the fat accumulated in the body and stops gaining weight. The hormone calcitriol helps to get calcium for bones and torches body fat. It is better to check with a doctor about the intake levels of dairy products.

Myth 5: Brown= Whole Grain

Most common myth among dieters is brown is equal to whole grain. Look for labels with only whole-wheat or whole grain. Research revealed that whole grains minimize your risk of chronic alignments, including obesity and diabetes. Whole grain is rich in fibers and B and E vitamins. It gives an extra boost to you.

These are the five diet myths that every dieter should definitely follow to lead a happy and healthier life.

HWC Team

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