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The Various Disadvantages of Being a Vegetarian

The Various Disadvantages of Being a Vegetarian
HWC Team
August18/ 2015

There are pros and cons to each and every thing in this world and this is true for being a vegetarian as well. A vegetarian diet is preferred by a lot of people these days and several celebrities too seem to be changing from being non vegetarians to vegetarians. It is also said that the life span of a vegetarian is more than that of a non -vegetarian.

Some people also believe that a vegetarian diet is more healthy and beneficial for human beings. Like long list of benefits, being vegetarian also has its disadvantages and the list of the common ones are given below:

Lowers Levels of Cholesterol

The cholesterol levels in your body are responsible for increasing your life span. It has been noticed that the cholesterol levels are less in a vegetarian’s body as compared to that of a non-vegetarian. Therefore, the mortality rate of non-vegetarians is more than a vegetarian. According to doctors continuous low cholesterol levels in a person can bring in an early death.

Mineral Density of Bones is Lowered

Vegetarians have lower bone-mineral density by approximately five percent than non-vegetarians. Vegetarians have to take adequate amounts of sunlight, proteins and iron to maintain their bone-mineral density and this is one reason why not eating non vegetarian food can be a disadvantage.

Lower Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is responsible for conversion of food into a stable form of energy and it increases metabolism in the body. Vegetarians are found to lack this vitamin in their bodies. This vitamin also helps in good utilization of iron in the body and helps in producing red blood cells. A lack of this vitamin affects the health in a negative manner. People lacking vitamin B-12 are in constant pain and feel dizzy and uneasy throughout the day. To fulfill the dearth of this vitamin you have to take medicines and injections prescribed by a doctor.

Lack of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

According to a survey and study in Europe, it was found that vegetarians lack omega-3 fatty acids profoundly. This acid is present in  insufficient levels in vegetarians which in turn can affect the heart because omega 3 fatty acids prove to be very good for the overall heart health. This lack may be due to not consuming animal meat and other non vegetarian food items which contain a much larger content than plant based diet.

Increases Chances of Colorectal Cancer

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition affirmed the chances of colorectal cancer development in vegetarians than in non-vegetarians. Meat eaters have a lower risk of developing this cancer in their body. The study also revealed that all other types of cancer were more likely to develop in non-vegetarians more than in vegetarians except for colorectal cancer.

Therefore, before you think of turning into a vegetarian from a non vegetarian, do consider the points given above. Like all other things, being vegetarian also has its own list of disadvantages.

HWC Team

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