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Eat Nutritious Diet to Fight Against Cancer

Eat nutritious diet to fight against cancer
HWC Team
January19/ 2016

Cancer patients should have a balanced diet that essentially should include all the nutrients for body repair and boosting immunity. A proper meal and balanced diet will help the cancer patient to deal with the strong treatment procedure and stay energetic and strong. Cancer medications generally cause nausea due to radiation treatment, which can even sore the mouth. This may affect the taste buds and there is a probability of losing appetite as well.

It is very important to have the right foods during the cancer treatment as cancer weakens the patient’s immune system.  A nutritious diet helps to maintain the stamina levels and a proper weight. A strong body can tolerate the side-effects of the cancer treatment better and it also helps to recover faster. Proper food profile will also help to maintain better blood profile that includes neutrophils, platelets, and albumin count.

What to Eat While Undertaking Cancer Treatment?

It is very important to avoid any kind of extreme diet during the cancer treatment. You must focus on eating balanced diet. It is better to ask the doctor whether you need more protein or extra calories to help you fight cancer. Here are some common meal recommendations for cancer patients –

  • Eat cereals and whole grain breads.
  • Drink pure vegetable or fruit juices. (Ensure the juices are pasteurized as you are more prone to germs during the cancer treatment).
  • Half your plate should contain fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose vegetarian meals for 2-3 days a week. You may have vegetable stir-fry or vegetarian lasagna.
  • Leafy green salad is must with dinner.
  • Avoid sugary foods that contain high calories and are less nutrition.
  • Choose fish and lean meats instead of processed meats and red meats.

Tips to Eat Even if you are not Hungry

Usually a cancer patient loses appetite during the treatment. Sometimes the patient may find the food taste unpleasant. Even though the patient does not feel like having food, it is very important that he/she should get adequate nutrition.

  • Eat high-calorie foods which are rich with nutrition like nuts, avocados, beans, puddings, cooked cereals, and seeds.
  • Try to have small meals after small intervals.
  • Eat on time; do not wait till you feel hungry.
  • Keep the foods you like beside you.

Meal Recommendations to Fight with Cancer Side Effects

Some foods help to get relief from the discomforts that comes invariably with cancer therapies and treatment –

  • Drink lots of water and have high-fiber foods like lentils, beans, fresh or dried fruits, vegetables to overcome constipation.
  • Have bananas, apples and rice to get rid of diarrhea.
  • Grind or puree foods that are easy to swallow to avoid dry mouth and protect mouth sores. You may also have soft or liquid foods like milk, yogurt shakes, and soup.
  • Choose bland foods or foods that do not have strong smell to evade nausea. You must drink lot of water even you feel like vomiting.

Foods Need to Avoided During Cancer Treatment

  • Avoid grilled, deep fried, barbequed, and baked meats.
  • Must not intake excessive sugar, salt, and oily food.
  • Avoid red meat as well as processed meats that includes, ham, bacon and sausages.
  • Stay away from preserved foods like jams, century eggs and pickles.
  • Avoid alcohol.

HWC Team

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