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Eating Disorders – Different Types and their Natural Cure

eating disorders different types and their natural cure
HWC Team
May14/ 2016

A balanced diet is a requirement of healthy body, however at times due to various psychological challenges a person tends to neglect a proper and balanced diet. “Eating Disorders” is a condition when a person consumes less or more amount of food instead of what is actually required.


Eating disorders can be categorized to “anorexia nervosa”, “bulimia nervosa” and “binge-eating”. When a person who is actually underweight starts to restrict food quantities, believing him/her to be obese it is known as anorexia nervosa. Just the opposite of anorexia nervosa is bulimia nervosa where a person actually starts eating excessive amount of food.  People who suffer from bulimia nervosa try to compensate their overeating by excessive exercise, vomiting or fasting. The third category of eating disorder is “binge-eating”, in this also people lose control over eating but they do not try to compensate the overeating.

Weight Differences

In reality people suffering from anorexia nervosa are underweight, people suffering from bulimia nervosa are relatively normal weight and people suffering from binge-eating are obese. Eating disorder can be fatal in many cases and it causes some serious health issues in an individual. Some of the home remedies for eating disorder are mentioned as below –

Home remedies for Anorexia Nervosa

Ginger and Garlic

Both ginger and garlic are appetite stimulant. A person suffering from anorexia can have ginger or garlic mixed with rock salt to enhance digestive system. Ginger is also known to reduce anxiety and stress.

Orange and Mint

They are also known to boost appetite by cleansing the digestive system. It is also known that depression and anxiety can be controlled by the smell of orange peel and orange. Mint helps in relieving emotional stress.

Massage and Yoga

Massage increases dopamine and nor epinephrine levels, thus creating positive energy. Therapeutic massage combined with yoga alleviates emotional level and helps in reducing stress.

Home remedies for bulimia nervosa

Aloe Vera and Probiotics

In cases where a person is suffering from bulimia disorder subjects himself to purging he may be losing essential nutrients. This can also result to bloating of stomach; there would be impact on the internal lining of the stomach. Aloe Vera and food with high contents of probiotics help to soothe a burning stomach.


This is a high source of folic acid and it combats depression.

Salmon and Ginseng

The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon helps to rebalance the metabolism, whereas ginseng helps to defend against chronic stress.

Home remedies for binge-eating

Planning a Balanced Diet

A good diet plan will help a person suffering from binge-eating disorder immensely. There can be variations of food in the diet plan keeping in mind their health benefits. To curb down the desire of overeating there can be healthy options of tasty food, so that it can satiate the hunger without making any health damage.

Physical Activity

Regular exercise will increase metabolism and thus resulting in a healthy digestive system.

Stay Connected

If a person is suffering from binge-eating disorder he should not be kept in isolation. Staying with family and friends who are caring alleviates the mood thus combating stress, depression and anxiety.

A balanced diet with regular physical activity is essential to combat against eating disorders. Also, a person should stay connected with their near and dear ones so that depression, stress is not on the higher side.

HWC Team

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