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11 Adverse Effects of Excessive Protein Intake

The shocking list of risks due to excess protein intake
HWC Team
August21/ 2015

Protein, the most fundamental component of our cells, is essential for the growth and repair of our body.  It is an essential nutrient in our daily diet but if taken in excess than required can lead to various complexities and health issues which include high cholesterol, kidney disease and gout problems.

An average adult requires 46-56 grams of protein daily and if you exceed the limit you are considered to be on high protein diet. There are various health risks associated with excess of protein intake and the list of the major ones is listed below:

The Shocking List of Risks due to Excess Protein Intake 


With the consumption of too much meat and dairy products you basically intake a huge amount of trans fat and saturated fat .This in turn is responsible for high cholesterol. If the origin of the protein is from unhealthy sources which are full of unhealthy fat then you are prone to heart diseases. High –protein diet increases your risk of heart attacks or stroke.


The excess protein in your body is converted into sugar and then fat that later leads to high blood sugar. Blood sugar patients have chances of having cancerous cell as the biochemical pathway called mTOR remains suppressed. With the correct amount of protein intake, you can avoid this occurrence altogether.

Kidney Problems

Too much protein in your body gives pressure on your kidney as it has to remove the excess nitrogen waste from the blood. This may also lead to more calcium and oxalate formation as well as excretion resulting in the growth of kidney stones.


To neutralize 100grams of protein, half gallon of water is required. If the required amount of water is not intaken then it may lead to chronic dehydration.


Intake of less water with high amount of protein leads to seizures.


Large quantity of meat and fish consumption results in high level of uric acid, which is responsible for arthritic inflammation. Research has proved that plant and dairy products based protein is not responsible for gout.

Intestinal Problems

Excess protein in diet may lead to constipation, gas and diarrhoea and also triggers excess liver enzymes.

Weight Gain

The excess calories due to excess amount of protein results in fat accumulation thus making you obese.

Nutritional Deficiencies

You generally ignore the other nutrients when you are on high protein diet resulting in deficiency of vital nutrients in your body.

Eye and Skin Problems

Excess protein alters the water balance of the body and therefore leads to dehydration. You will feel dry mouth symptoms and also dry, itchy and burning eyes. Prolonged period with such troubles can make the condition serious.

Fertility Troubles

Some studies have shown that high protein diets can cause hindrance while trying to conceive. Especially if you are overweight and still on high protein diet, the condition is not at all favourable for a healthy pregnancy.

It is a fact that protein is a very important part of any diet, but excess consumption can lead to various health complications.

HWC Team

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