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The Elixir of Summer!! Coconut Water!!

coconut water
Dr. Monika Bhanushali
Dr. Monika Bhanushali
April21/ 2016

The summer is here and is causing havoc with our bodies and health. There has been a rise in cases of heat stroke in summers in the last few years. The temperature in the world is on the rise as predicted by environmental researcher all around the globe. In addition to this, in India, we also face a lot of problems related to water deficit in the summer days.

It is very important to maintain sufficient water intake during this time to avoid any serious complications from occurring!! People tend to increase their consumption of cold drinks and ice creams. These food items actually have high sugar and fat content; excessive intake of these things may lead to problems like unnecessary weight gain and exposes the individual’s teeth to decay because of sugar overload.

Cold drinks and ice creams, although make you feel good after having them, it generally last only for some time. The cold drinks do not quench your thirst the way normal water does neither they give any kind of electrolyte support to the body. People suffering from diabetes should not consume these products at all due to their high sugar content.

Many people prefer to drink sports drinks popularly known as energy drinks which are full of electrolytes and unfortunately preservatives and caffeine like products!! These preservatives may have an adverse effect on our body and the caffeine content in those drinks may cause the heart to beat faster, make you breathe faster and even cause you to sweat sometimes!! They are the worst kind of fluid supplements any one can take, when they are planning to rest after the intake of these fluids!!

A good alternative to these artificial products are the natural products!! One of such product is coconut water!! It equivalent to elixir in summers!! Let’s get to know its benefits:

Low in Calories

Coconut water is a low calorie energy drink. It has only 5.45 calories per ounce i.e.  per 30 ml.  This low calories factor allows you to drink as much of it as you want in a day without worrying about putting on the kilos.

No Fats and Cholesterol

It contains almost no fats or cholesterol. It is a perfect drink for people suffering diabetes and heart disease or people with obesity and high levels of cholesterol. This factor also makes it perfect for people who are weight conscious and for people who are in the process of losing weight.

A Heavy Dose of Potassium Equivalent to 4 Bananas

When we sweat through our skin, not only the water from our body is lost, it also takes along with it a very important content for our physiological process. We lose electrolytes such as sodium and potassium through sweating; as a result, the levels of these electrolytes in our body fall down. As a result of which, we feel tired all of a sudden, weak, it can also result in cramps in the muscles. The electrolyte loss in addition to the water loss may result in feeling dizzy, breathless which can lead to fainting.

A Lot of Water so Hydration is Excellent

Coconut also has 80% water in its content. So it also acts as a super hydrant which hydrates the body and avoids serious health hazards like heat stroke!! A study recently published states that, coconut fills the water deficit in the body better than plain water.

If we have such a natural product to help fight the heat this summer, why to go for soft drinks at all!!

Dr. Monika Bhanushali
Dr. Monika Bhanushali

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