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Everything you Need to Know about Steroids

Everything you need to know about Steroids
HWC Team
June22/ 2015

Steroids are natural substances which can have several effects on the body.These are  mainly used in the health care industry to decrease inflammation.  These can also prevent the symptoms of several conditions and may be used as local steroid injections and steroid creams.

What steroids do is that they make the entire system less active which is why it is considered as a major component of medicines to treat illnesses.  It won’t be wrong to call Steroids as the ultimate anti-inflammatory drug.  The following is some more information about steroids:

Use of Steroids in Health Care and Medicine

There are several ways in which steroids are used in the medicine and health care industry and one of the major uses of it is in the form of steroid creams.  What steroid creams do is that they cause the weakness and thinning of the skin. Steroids may make the calcium in your bones to leak which makes them get weakened and may even make them fracture.

What steroids do is that they make people feel very hungry and may also make the blood sugar level to rise.  Those who are on steroids may thus gain weight as a result.

People who use steroids in order to fight cancers, infections and several types of conditions may be at a risk of serious health issues including death as well.  Those who rely on strong dosages of steroids may ultimately be affecting their immune systems and making them weaker.  They damage the balance of the various hormones in the body.

Effects of Steroids on Cancer and Brain

High dosage of steroids can have an effect on the brain, for example, this can cause feelings of extra happiness, euphoria and disturbance in sleep etc.  Certain serious conditions too can be caused and they include aggressive behavior, mania and loss in touch with the sense of reality.  Infact if steroids are taken along with some other medicines, then the results can be even severe or serious.

One reason why steroids are used in cancer treatments for those who have short life expectancy is because doctors may be a little more relaxed about the extended term side effects or damages in their case.

Steroids are highly powerful and are used to treat brain tumors as well.  They help to reduce swelling and can reverse its symptoms for atleast a few weeks. They give a slight buying time for the patients and doctor and may offer strong pain relieving effects.  But inspite of these effects and benefits, one must avoid them as much as possible because the body tends to become dependent on them.

Steroid Abuse

Steroid abuse is a condition or situation in which a person may consume more than recommended amounts of it. This happens because steroids help to increase muscle growth and may work for some sport enthusiasts.  But this comes with a huge list of side effects and must be avoided.

HWC Team

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