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Noodles: Some Interesting Facts that are not Too Well Known

noodles some interesting facts that are not too well known
HWC Team
September02/ 2015

When we talk about comfort food, a lot of people worldwide would choose either noodles or instant noodles. Yet, most of them are unaware of a few interesting facts about their favorite food items. As a result, they often make some wrong choices about this delicacy. Here are some interesting facts about noodles which you might be considered important before you pick up another packet of this ‘quick food’ from the market.

7 Interesting Facts about Noodles and Instant Noodles

Why select blindly when you can have some knowledge about what exactly you are eating? Read below to know more about noodle and instant noodle.

It is not a Vegetarian Item Essentially

Contrary to the popular belief, noodle is not essentially a vegetarian item. Some have egg noodles already written on them, so if you are a vegetarian you could stay away from them. But often some instant noodles might contain meat or animal oils in their seasoning. So you need to be careful while buying.

Museum for Noodles

All you devotees of instant noodle, did you know that there is a noodle museum in Osaka, Japan? The museum archives the process of making this food and over 4560 varieties of instant noodles are kept in this museum for the visitors to see.

A Fat Food Indeed

One of the problems with instant noodle is that it contains a lot of saturated fat. It has been calculated that an 85 gram packet ramen noodle has about 14.5 grams of fat. Of that about 6.5 grams is unhealthy unsaturated fat.

The Storage Cups are made of Harmful Chemicals

Cup noodles are often sold in plastic cups. They contain various chemicals like Dioxin etc. The moment you add hot water in them, they tend to leak and end up in your noodle. Therefore, you are consuming chemicals without your knowledge every time you eat cup noodles.

A Complete NO for Pregnant Women

One thing you must remember is that if you are pregnant, then make sure that you stay away from instant noodles, especially during the early periods of pregnancy. This is because the ingredients in your instant noodle may be detrimental for the growth and general health of the fetus and can even lead to miscarriage. However, this is yet to be proved beyond doubt but most doctors recommend that pregnant women should not consume instant noodles, just to be on the safe side.

Can Delay the Growth in Children

Since instant noodles contain high sodium amount, MSG and other harmful ingredients if it is regularly taken by kids below the age of 5 years it can lead to delayed mental as well as physical development. These noodles affect the ability of the body to absorb the nutrients in the gastrointestinal track and thus cause issues.

Besides the above given, there are many other interesting facts related to noodles. So, it is required for you to know these facts to make informed decisions.

HWC Team

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