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Top 6 Ways in Which Feng Shui can Help you Stay Fit

top 6 ways in which feng shui can help you stay fit
HWC Team
May22/ 2015

Feng Shui is an ancient science which is related to the art of arrangement of objects and things in your surroundings to see changes in your life. Feng Shui experts and believers believe that this science can not only lead to better lifestyles but also better health, more flow of money and overall peace and harmony. If you are wondering whether the science of Feng Shui can help you stay fit, then the answers is YES. Feng Shui can definitely help you lose weight, remain healthy and reach your fitness goals. How? Well, let’s find out.

1. The View

The view of the house is a very important point in Feng Shui. Pay close attention to what you look at as soon as you enter your own house. If the first thing that you see when you enter the house is the kitchen, then your thoughts will be directed to food and that will mean eating a lot.  So make sure that you see something else when you enter your home.

2. Mirrors

Another important aspect of Feng Shui is the mirrors. In order to remain fit and be stable on your weight loss goals, make sure that you have atleast one full length mirror in the house.  This will give you an accurate idea of your weight and your looks.  This keeps you abreast with reality and will motivate to lose weight or remain fit when you see yourself going out of shape.  The mirror you put must be accurate and must not be deceptive.

3. The Kitchen

Another thing according to Feng Shui that you can do is to change the colors and appearance of the kitchen space. The contents and colors in the kitchen can determine your food choices. Some colors which stimulate appetite include orange, red and yellow.  But some things which promote better food choices and relaxation include soft earth tones, light blues, warm greens and warm teals.  Don’t keep any unhealthy foods clear in sight and put them in cabinets etc.

4. Closets

Even the clothes which you wear can affect your self-image. It is important to avoid buying or keeping any clothing which does not make you feel good about your body and fitness.  Keep some clothes which remind you of days when you were slimmer and fitter.  This will motivate you to get back into that shape.

5. Clutter

Declutter your house and living space as much as possible.  Clutter in a house according to Feng Shui means ‘decisions delayed’ and may affect delaying reaching your fitness goals.  Both decluttering and losing weight are experiences which are associated with decision making.

6. Comfort and Smells

The smell of certain foods can draw us to them and may make us hinder from our fitness and health goals.  Also the warmth and soft texture of some foods may make us reach out for them. Make sure you avoid food like smells in the house and rather fill it up with smells of essential oils etc.

HWC Team

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