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Get a Flat Belly with this Meal Plan!

get a flat belly with this meal plan
HWC Team
April25/ 2016

Getting a flat belly is an unaccomplished dream for most of us. We know that exercising helps a lot in getting a flat belly but because of our hectic schedule; we do not get time to go to the gym or for a walk. Hence, eating healthy is important.

There is a meal plan which can be followed in order to march towards getting a flat belly so that you can flaunt your body. It can be crucial to follow it but keep in mind the results and keep a control. Given below is a miraculous 7 day meal plan which will help you get a flatter belly.

  • Day 1: Eat only fruits on the first day. You can eat any fruit you want except for a banana. The best ones would be apples, water melons and cantaloupes. They are the ones which have high water content. Remember, you can eat as much quantities of fruits as you want and you are not required to stay hungry at all. All you have to do is only eat fruits and nothing else. Do not add salt or anything else to the fruits.
  • Day 2: Eat raw vegetables. Make sure that you do not add any herbs or spices over the vegetables. You can eat cucumbers, gingers and tomatoes on this day. Remember to increase your water intake by at least two glasses on this day.
  • Day 3: After getting bored with fruits and vegetables, you can make your taste buds happy. Start your day with a boiled potato and a spoonful of butter. Potato is known for fattening people but it is necessary to eat it in order to balance the fibers of your body. After this, you can eat both fruits and vegetables. Basically, eat anything from the day 1 and day 2 diets.
  • Day 4: You only have to consume bananas and milk on the fourth day. This is to pump up your body with the right amount of energy. Eat around 7 to 8 bananas all over the day with four glasses of milk in total. You can divide the quantities as you want. Remember, you have to keep drinking a lot of water on all the days to keep your body hydrated.
  • Day 5: This day is going to be a tasty one! You can eat salad made up of sprouts, tofu (raw Paneer), soybean, carrots and tomatoes or cook all the ingredients together in order to make a soup. You can eat this salad or soup in as many quantities as you want. Make sure you drink 12-14 glasses of water on this day.
  • Day 6: Day 6 is similar to following the diet on day 5. The only difference is that you can consume yogurt on this day. Do not eat flavored yogurt. Eat the fresh one which you get from the dairy and do not add sugar or salt to it.
  • Day 7: On the 7th day, you can eat sprouts salads, whole wheat chapattis with tomatoes and raw paneer or a bowl of brown rice mixed with sprouts.

HWC Team

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