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What is Food Addiction and its Symptoms?

what is food addiction and its symptoms
HWC Team
December15/ 2015

Some people love eating and cannot get enough of it but this concept or term is actually a medical term which has got recent scientific backing.  Many studies and experiments in animals and humans show that there are certain parts of the brain that are triggered due to food, just like they are triggered due to drugs.

Highly palatable foods like those containing sugar, fat and salt are mostly responsible for causing food addictions in humans.  What happens is that such foods and some others may trigger the feel good brain chemicals like dopamine and the person may feel like eating immediately.

Food addiction is that kind of an addiction where a person may want to eat even when he/she is not feeling hungry.  They eat more and more only to realize that food satisfies them less and less.  According to certain scientists, food addictions may be linked to obesity but in some cases, even the normal weight people may struggle with food addictions.  These people may either do physical activities to compensate for the food they eat or their brains may simple be genetically programmed to take in more calories than they feel hungry for.

Signs and Symptoms of Food Addictions

The following is a list of the various signs and symptoms of food addictions:

  • One of the main signs of food addiction is when you end up eating much more than you planned to when you start eating particular types of foods.
  • When you keep eating certain or all kinds of foods even when you feel full and no longer hungry is yet another sign of a food addiction.
  • Eating to the point of feeling ill or sick is yet another sign or symptom that you may have an addiction for eating or for food.
  • When you begin to worry about not getting to eat certain types of foods or worry about reducing or cutting back on a certain specific food variety, then in this case too you may be suffering from food addiction.
  • In case when certain types of foods and drinks are not available and you go out of your way to obtain them, then this is another sign that you may have what is called a food addiction.
  • When you start to eat certain types of foods so often or in such large quantities that you begin to avoid your family, avoid doing recreational activities or stop paying attention to your work then this is a serious symptom of food addiction.
  • When you start to avoid professional or personal associations or interactions where certain foods are available because you have a fear or overeating then this is also a sign which must not be ignored.
  • If eating foods may cause emotions like guilt, depression, anxiety and self loathing in you, then this may mean that you have an addiction for eating and for foods.

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