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Top 7 Foods to Fight Cavities and Tooth Decay

top 7 foods to fight civilities and tooth decay
HWC Team
September23/ 2015

Food and drinks play a very important role when it comes to dental health. We all know that food items like sugary drink, starchy food, cookies, jam and others harm teeth but there is also a decent list of items that can actually help to prevent cavities and other dental issues.  These beneficial food items contain the nutrients needed for strong and healthy gums and teeth.  Below given is a list of top 7 food items that are friends for your teeth.


The name must be a surprise shock to you, but yes cheese is known to promote trouble free oral health. Dentists recommend consuming milk, cheese, and sugar-free yogurt to bring significant changes in the plaque pH. Cheese has the highest plaque pH value when compared to milk and yogurt, therefore cheese is known to have abundant anti-cavity properties, thereby triggering salvia formation and aiding the enamel to get hardened.


An apple a day keeps doctors away and the first kind of doctors would be dentists! If you include apples in your diet, your saliva flow is sure to be continuous and this reduces the chances of bacteria growth and cavities. The high sugar content in apples stimulates the saliva formation.

Sugar Free Chewing Gums

Chewing gums are favorite of many people; some have it out of habit yet not knowing the advantages. If you have the sugar free variety of chewing gums you are not in the danger of tooth cavities. These gums have xylitol that helps to prevent plaque build-up and the natural sweetener keeps away the bacteria that can cause cavities.


Milk has a high level of pH balance that keeps away bacteria from building up in your mouth and thus prevents tooth cavity

Green Tea and Black Tea

Green tea has numerous health benefits and keeping dental health intact is just one of them. After having a sugary treat, make sure to drink a cup of black tea or green tea to reduce the chances of cavity build up. The leaves of the Camilla sinensis plant has strong anti-cavity properties that aids in this functioning.


A great news for alcohol lovers; keep a glass of wine ready after you have indulged in a dessert treat. Red wine particularly has elements known as proanthocyanidins, which are strong antioxidants to keep tooth cavity and gum problems at bay.

Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Fiber

Fiber rich food stimulates the flow of saliva in mouth and thus helps to prevent tooth cavities. Saliva functions by washing away the food particles present in your mouth and also neutralizing the attack of acids on the teeth. Thus include lots of fiber rich fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

These foods not only help to keep cavities away but also aids in having a healthy diet in general. Proper and regular brushing method and flossing is very important to keep tooth cavities in check.

HWC Team

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