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Top 7 Foods to Gain Weight in a Healthy Manner

foods to gain weight in a healthy manner
HWC Team
April23/ 2015

While a lot of people these days are interested in losing weight, some are also concerned about being underweight.  Extra thin persons may find it difficult to gain weight and may try many ways to do so.

Binging on fast foods etc. is an unhealthy way to gain calories but if one engages in eating healthy foods and a balanced diet then that may result in healthy weight gain. The following is a list of the top 7 foods which one can try to eat to gain weight in a healthy manner:

1. Milk

Undoubtedly, milk is the healthiest and natural foods on the planet which can help one gain weight in a healthy manner. It is a great source of carbohydrates and proteins along with many other nutrients which help in healthy gaining of weight.  If you are extra lean and wish to put on some pounds, then you must drink 2 glasses of milk a day.

2. Eggs

Eggs too are a superb source of protein and are packed with many types of vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and many others. Having atleast 1 egg a day is a good way to start with the weight gain diet and program.

3. Oats

What can be a better start of the day than having a bowl full of oats?  Oats are not only rich in the fiber content but also are also packed with iron and which too makes it a good food to gain weight.  Infact, this food is also suitable for those who are trying to lose some pounds.

4. Banana

Bananas are one of the most popular options for weight gain and are recommended in many weight gain diet plans as well. A single banana contains 105 calories and gives an instant source of energy.  Bananas are also high on the content of carbohydrates which make them a superb food for after workouts. A great way to have banana for better weight gain results is to have it in the form of banana milk shake.

5. Potatoes

If you are trying to gain weight then about 40% of your diet should consist of carbohydrates and potatoes are one of the rich sources of carbohydrates. Thus including potatoes in your diet regularly is a good way to ensure that you will gain weight. Also, potatoes are also high on the content of amino acids like arginine and glutamine.

6. Soya Bean

Soy or soya bean is a food which can meet your daily protein requirement and must definitely be included in the diet of those who are trying to gain weight. Soy bean has as much as 36 gm of protein per every 100 gram serving and is a food which also helps to lower cholesterol levels.

7. Butter

Who doesn’t like a good butter toast at the time of breakfast? Well, butter is rich in fat and contains 81 gram of fat in a 100 gram serving.  Eating it in moderation can be a good way to gain weight.

HWC Team

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