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Top 10 Foods with the Highest Omega-3 Content

foods with the highest Omega 3 content
HWC Team
April18/ 2015

Omega 3 fatty acids are considered extremely important for our health as they help in building blocks of fats which are vital nutrients.  Omega 3 is not only crucial for regulating blood clotting but also building cell membranes and supporting cell function and health.

It is a polyunsaturated fatty acid which is heart-healthy and also helps to reduce blood triglycerides and low density lipoprotein which are the bad cholesterol.  There are many other important benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids and thus it is important for us to include this nutrient in our day to day diet. The following is a list of the top 10 foods which are high in the Omega-3 content:

1. Walnuts

Almost all nuts are high on the content of polyunsaturated fats but walnuts are definitely the best when it comes to omega-3.  Besides munching walnuts as a snack you can also include them in your recipes whenever possible.  Walnuts boost protein and also add other trace minerals like magnesium and manganese etc.

2. Canola Oil

Canola oil is among the most omega-3 rich foods in the world.  This oil is made from the canola plant and can be combined with soybean or corn to improve the omega content in blended products.

3. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are also very rich as far as the omega 3 content is concerned. These seeds are also high on fiber, protein, and lignans.  These whole seeds make for a very healthful snack and also add crunch.

4. Beans

Beans too are high on the content of omega 3 fatty acids and must be included in your diet regularly. Some variety of beans which you too can opt for include black beans and kidney beans.

5. Salmon

Some of the Coldwater fish such as salmon are also considered one of the most omega-3 rich sources in the world and can really shoot up the levels when you need it the most. But one must make sure that the fish they eat is not contaminated.

6. Dairy Foods

Cattle, cows and goats etc. that are grass fed produce milk which has a high content of omega-3s. Thusconsuming decent amounts of dairy products like milk, cheese and curd etc. can be very good for your health.

7. Enriched Eggs

Enriches eggs contain about 60-150 milligrams of omega 3s per egg and are having upto 4 eggs a week can meet your necessary requirement.

8. Soybeans

One serving of cooked soybeans contains more omega 3s than some of the Coldwater fish, making it one of the best sources for omega-3s.  Tofu is a wonderful example of this plant source of omega 3s.

9. Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout is a fish which has high content of Omega 3. The fish has 630 mg of omega 3s per 3 ounce serving.

10. Tuna

Tuna is yet another Coldwater fish which is one of the most excellent sources of omega 3s.

Thus include the above given food items in your diet and enjoy the health benefits of Omega 3.

HWC Team

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