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Is the Vegetarian Food you are Eating Really Vegetarian?

Is the vegetarian food you are eating really vegetarian
HWC Team
August25/ 2015

Following the vegetarianism path is undoubtedly healthy for various reasons. Some follow vegetarianism for their religious practices and abstain from eating animal protein, while some think it is inhuman to eat animals and birds. Moreover, there are people who are advised by their doctors to forego non vegetarian food.

But sometimes, the foods you think are vegetarian contain non vegetarian ingredients in them. Thus without your knowledge you are being fed non vegetarian food.  Here are a few vegetarian items that may contain non vegetarian ingredients in them. Be aware!

Some Vegetarian Foods which are Actually Non Vegetarian

If you are a vegetarian, then be aware of these food items since they contain some animal ingredients:

  • Salad is an important part of the diet of both vegetarians and the health conscious. But can salads contain non vegetarian ingredients? Apparently it can. Think about the salad dressing that makes vegetables and leaves so good in taste. Often, these dressings contain eggs. Therefore, it is not purely vegetarian.
  • Soups, especially those found in India are most likely to contain fish oil. And that include your vegetarian soup too. The sauces which are used in making the soup are so tasty often since they have fish or fish oil as ingredients. So next time before you order, check out the contents of the sauces.
  • Cheese has a worldwide fan following. There are too many dishes which seem incomplete without cheese. But many types of cheese are made by using an enzyme called Rennet, which is basically made out of the gut of the animals. Worse still, most cheese packets do not name the enzyme it has used, just the word enzyme is written.
  • Did you know even beer and wine are not vegetarian, strictly saying? Many beers and wines use fish bladder in order to maintain the clarity in the drink. Thus when you enjoy your wine you are basically having non vegetarian stuff.
  • Much advertised healthy oils too are not absolutely free of non vegetarian ingredients. Yes, sadly that is the truth. Especially if they contain omega 3 acid. These are derived from the fish oil.
  • The same problem is there with your packaged fruit juices. They contain fish oils and some enhanced drinks have lanolin which is a kind of oil you get from the wool of the sheep. Therefore they are not really vegetarian.
  • A lot of people are fond of peanuts. But the packaged version of peanuts may contain gelatin, and that is most definitely not vegetarian.
  • White sugar might seem pure but it is not completely vegetarian. If the sugar is really white, then the manufacturers have probably used bone char. And before you shift your loyalty to brown sugar or confectioner’s sugar, they are also made in the same way.

Thus, it may appear that most of the food items you eat are not vegetarian as you have perceived them to be.

HWC Team

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