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Why Berry is One of the Healthiest Fruits in the World?

Why berry is one of the healthiest fruits in the world
HWC Team
August24/ 2015

Berries are fleshy and juicy fruits produced from single flower that contains one ovary. There are various types of berries available and most of them are replete with amazing health benefits that you probably had no notions about. The antioxidant contents of the berries helps you fight oxidative stress and make you healthy.  There are many ways that berries help protect your health. Here are some of the benefits of the various types of berries that you may find in the market.

The Health Benefits of Various Types of Berries:

Berries are available in various shapes and sizes and generally contain antioxidants. Here are few health benefits of berries –

Keeps Mentally Agile

Strawberries and blueberries are known to have properties that keep you mentally agile. Especially women, who consume some strawberries or blueberries even once a week, have been found to be mentally sharper than other women who do not.

Controls Diabetes

Did you know that berries are helpful in fighting diabetes? Even though berries have an amount of sweetness, the fiber content in them makes it beneficial for even diabetic people. And it is always good to have fresh berries than fruit juices or blueberry pie for example.

Prevents Parkinson’s

There is a view which states that berries are probably good for preventing diseases such as Parkinson’s. It has been shown that men who consume berries have 40% lesser chance of having Parkinson’s disease.

Keeps Heart Healthy

A diet consisting of a lot of blueberries and other fruits and vegetable may also reduce the chances of heart diseases, even among people who have a history of heart disorder in their family.

Helps in Weight Loss

Are you concerned about your weight and looking for food that can help you in reducing fat? Then berries are the answer you are looking for. Having liquid and fiber contents they make you feel full but do not add much to the body weight.

Regulates Blood Pressure

People having trouble with high blood pressure could also consider eating berries in order to regulate their pressure. People who have heredity of heart attack risks like high blood pressure should try to consume berries regularly. High blood pressure often leads to inflammation which berries can fight too and protect your health.

Aids in Fighting Cancer

A research says that berries especially blueberries and raspberries help to fight the deadly disease, cancer. The berries contain flavonoid which plays an important role in fighting colon cancer. Generally it is believed a fiber rich diet is good to fight cancer. Therefore, you can add berries with other fruits and vegetable in your diet.

Skin, Hair and Bone Health

Berries contain vitamin C which is essential to fight cartilage decay. It improves collagen health and therefore will also help your joints to remain flexible. Also, they are beneficial for your skin and hair health.

Thus it can be seen that berries have several benefits for human health. From the heart to brain and skin, consuming berries can be advantageous for the entire body.

HWC Team

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