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Top 7 Health Concerns that One Should be Aware of in Summers

health concerns that one should be aware of in summers
HWC Team
April16/ 2015

For many people across the world, summertime is a time for sand, sun and fun. But beyond the shining sun, the reality of summer hazards lies and according to this reality, summers are also related to many health concerns that people can suffer from.

Summer can be a dangerous time for adults and kids with asthma. It can also be a time when many communicable diseases may occur. One must be very wary of these health concerns which occur if proper prevention is not followed. The following are the top 7 health concerns that one should be aware of in the summer season to be able to prevent them or cure them if they occur:

1. Asthma Attacks

Due to smog and pollution in the air and high levels of mold and pollen, asthma attacks may occur among kids and adults.  If you are prone to asthma attacks, then you must continue taking your daily medication through the summer months and keep away from pollution and pollen as much as possible.

2. Swimmer’s Ear

As one engages in more of swimming during the summer months, the chances for getting an ear infection known as swimmer’s ear is also common.  To prevent this infection, one must try their best to prevent water from entering the ears during showers and swimming.

3. Food poisoning

Foodborne diseases are two times more common during the summer months than any other parts of the year.  This is because of bacteria which causes food poisoning grows faster in hot and humid seasons.

According to certain studies and research, about 76 million people fall ill due to food poisoning every year and one must be wary of eating foods from street vendors and should cook washed food items only.

4. Hyperthermia

Another common health problem which people can suffer from during the summer months is hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is basically a group of heat-related illnesses including heat exhaustion, heat stroke etc. which happen when the body gets overheated.  Older persons are more susceptible to hyperthermia and should avoid exerting themselves out in the sun.

5. Coxsackie Virus

Coxsackie virus is a kind of a virus which affects the foot, hand and the mouth.  Infections that fall in this category mostly happen during the summer months and can result in sore throat, oral ulcers, fever, small blisters etc.  This virus is spread from one person to another through saliva, feces and mucous.

6. Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is the most common insect borne disease which peaks during the summer months when people are exposed to ticks in woods and the yards.  It can result in rashes, body aches, fevers and headaches and can be treated with antibiotics.

7. Sunburn

Another common health ailment which summers often tend to bring along is sunburns.  Sunburn is basically a painful reddening of the skin after it has been exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time. One must stay in shade especially during the peak sun hours to avoid this.

HWC Team

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