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Holding your Nature’s Call? Health Risks and Menaces

health risk of holding pee
HWC Team
September07/ 2015

It is like when there is a need to go, you just need to go! There can be serious health problems in holding your pee. When you feel an urgent need to empty your bladder, never delay it for long because controlling your pee can result in many painful consequences.

While you are in a meeting, or busy attending a personal chore, the nature’s call is probably never your priority. You keep on avoiding it either out of embarrassment or you wait till the task is completed. Never do that!  This can cause serious health risks and some are mentioned below.

  • According to the studies, our urinary bladder has a capacity to hold approximately 16 ounces of liquid (i.e. approx. 10 glasses of water). When you hold your urine for a prolonged period of time, it results in overstretching of your bladder. This in turns becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses,causing fatal diseases.
  • The longer you try to hold your pee, the weaker your kidneys get. It is because our urinary bladder is linked to our kidneys. Malfunctioning of kidneys can therefore result in kidney failures, hypertensions, diabetes etc.
  • The average normal “urination rate” per day for a human being is 10 times. If a person delays in disposing off his or her urine on time, he can face damages in his bladder muscles which results in pain and incontinence.
  • Urine helps a person to flush out the waste water, the harmful bacteria and the disinfected liquid that is present inside the body. If you do not respond to your nature’s call on time, this can result in infections in the urinary tract, feeling of pain in the abdomen and lower abdomen.
  • Cystitis is another common disease that occurs due to holding your pee. This results in inflammation around the urination tract and prolonged itchiness.
  • Women are more prone to get bladder infections as compared to men because they have a smaller bladder. If the infection in the bladder is not treated, it can result in Bacteremia – which is a bacterial infection, caused in the bloodstream. Thus doctors always advise to you to keep your private parts clean to avoid such fatal diseases.
  • Holding urine can be very unpleasant for men as it results in sore testicles. In the worst cases, the urine may flow backwards up to the tube that contains male’s sperms and this in turn can cause high irritations, inflammations and itching.
  • The excretion of urine from your body helps in the regular cleaning. If this process is not done on the timely basis, you may feel lousy, dizzy, uncomfortable, and itchy. You will not be able to have your proper diet, thus resulting in loss of appetite and weight loss.

So always go to the washroom when needed. Do not hold your pee for long time, If you “got to go”, do not hesitate, delay or ignore, just go!

HWC Team

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