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Insulin Resistance Fighting Meal Plans

insulin resistance fighting meal plans
HWC Team
May20/ 2016

The glandular organ known as pancreas secretes a natural hormone known as insulin and the insulin is supposed to help in our metabolism. In the case of insulin resistance, enough insulin is produced by the pancreas, but it cannot be used properly. As a result, the metabolism becomes slow, and glucose if not absorbed by the cells, gets built up in the body leading to fatty layers.

This condition is known as insulin resistance and this can lead to the development of the silent disease called type 2 Diabetes. In such cases, to prevent diabetes, you need to reduce weight through a diet plan, which helps in keeping the calorie count low. Here are some meal plan ideas –

Diet Plan to Reduce Weight to Fight Insulin Resistance

You can plan a diet in a way so that your weight remains low, and you do not face the problem of diabetes. Here are some diet plans which will help you in fighting the condition of insulin resistance.

  • Meal plans which contains 1200-1500 calories is perfect for weight reduction in an average woman, while those containing 1500-1800 is enough for an average man or an active woman.
  • A meal plan containing 1200-1500 calories must constitute of 1.75 cups of vegetables, 5 ounces of grain, 4.75 ounces of protein, 1.5 cup of fruits, 4 teaspoonful of oil etc.
  • A meal plan of 1500-1800 should contain 2.5 cups of vegetables and 1.5 cups of fresh fruits. Along with these, one must consume 6 ounces of grain and 5 ounces of protein. You can also consume 161 calories more from a healthy food of your choice.
  • A grain service in a meal will mean one bread or half cup of rice. For protein, you can consume chicken, fish or lean red meat. Since fruits and vegetables can fill you up and are low in calories, it is better to eat a cup of raw or half a cup of cooked vegetable along with a medium piece of fruit, or half a cup fruits which are freshly cut.
  • In the dairy foods, there are minerals as well as proteins, thus even in your insulin resistance diet, there should be a few servings of dairy items. It is better to choose low fat or fat free dairy items, so that you do not have problems of gaining fat.
  • While following the insulin resistance diet charts, you do not need to completely let go off fat or oil. Take small servings of fat and oil, and regulate the number of servings you are using.
  • Nuts and seeds can be consumed but not in a very large amount. Nuts and seeds contain healthy fats and minerals, which are good for your body. In flax seeds and walnuts, omega 3 fatty acid is also found which is good for the heart.

Thus following this diet meal plan can be good for people who have insulin resistance, as these meals are healthier, and can help in reduction of weight.

HWC Team

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