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Is Energy Drink a Part of your Food Kit ? – Know Its Pros and Cons

HWC Team
March27/ 2015

In today’s fast paced society, it is easy to get low on energy fast and feel need to get reenergized.  Due to the huge load of responsibilities right from the morning, a lot of us suffer from lack of energy and this is one reason why people tend to turn to energy drinks.

Energy drinks are meant to give a sudden energy boost which lasts for several hours. But are these energy drinks really effective or do they only work on us psychologically? Well, there are both pros and cons of such drinks and the following is a list of the same:

Pros of Energy Drinks

Energy Boost

One of the main positives associated with energy drinks is that they can give a helpful hand in filling you up with the much needed energy. They sharpen the alertness levels and may help you to make it till the end of the busy day at office.

Maximizing A Workout

Another positive point associated with the consumption of energy drinks is that they can help athletes or sportspersons in maximizing their training and make the most of their workouts. These drinks help them to push forward their physical limits and make them achieve the maximum benefits of their respective sport.


Energy drinks are widely and easily available and are quick pick-me-up options. For example, one has to wait longer for a cup of coffee as compared to energy drinks. These also work better than taking a nap to get fresh and help to feel reenergized instantly.

Cons of Energy Drinks

Weight Gain

Prepackaged energy drinks are high on sugar levels which can act as calorie bombs. If one intakes sugar in unchecked amounts then this can lead to weight gain and even obesity. Thus one must treat these drinks as their last resort when it comes to giving energy levels a boost.

Cardiovascular Problems

Another negative associated with energy drinks is that they can lead to cardiovascular problems in case of an overdose or consumption on a regular basis. Some cardiovascular problems that can be caused by energy drinks are rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat and increase in blood pressure.


If consumed on a regular basis, energy drinks can be highly addictive and may lead to dependence. If someone tries to stop the consumption, then it may lead to withdrawal symptoms like mood swings and headaches.

Psychological Hindrances

It is true that an occasional energy drink may improve a person’s alertness but may eventually decrease a person’s ability to function. It can cause irritability and anxiety which may increase over a period of time. It can also make one uncomfortable and may lead to nervousness and jitters.

Metabolic Issues

When a person consumes energy drink on a regular basis, then this can lead the body to go into an overdrive and thus leads to production of stress hormones to help cope with the task at hand. This inward and outward stress on the body can over a period of time lead to metabolic issues which is another negative of energy drinks.

HWC Team

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