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Maintain Ectomorph Diet to Gain Weight

maintain ectomorph diet to gain weight
HWC Team
January20/ 2016

An ectomorph is a person with lean, thin and fragile body. Appropriate ectomorph diet is essential if you want to gain weight and develop muscle mass. People who are not gifted with big muscle-bound bodies need to work really hard to achieve desirable body structure, which are aesthetically pleasing. It is important that people with ectomorphic structures must consume 4-5K calories every day to gain the right weight.

Usually the ectomorph diet must only include superior quality natural foods; however to sustain on foods like egg whites, vegetables and fruits all day can be a very difficult job. Therefore, to relieve them from this conventional diet, a healthy combination of fast food can be included in the weight gain meal plan.

Here are few diet recommendations for making a perfect ectomorph diet –

High Glycemic Index Carbs

White potatoes and white rice contain high glycemic index carbs. They are digested quickly and make you feel hungry within an hour. You never feel completely full and thus you may append hundred of extra calories in your diet.


Nuts are rich in calories and healthy fats. It is easy to include nuts in your diet chart and even you can carry it easily in your pocket. You can consume nuts at any point of time.


If your limit is not fulfilled, it is better to add one tablespoon of oil in every meal. Olive oil, Flax, hemp, pumpkin seeds, etc provide unsaturated fat and ample calories to your meal. Each table spoon contains 150 calories, so consuming 5-6 tablespoons of oil will make a big difference to your intake. You must combine all these types of oil before consuming any meal.

Hemp Milk, Rice Milk and Coconut Milk

Those who are skinny must include all these types of milk in the muscle building program. They are good for digestion and also provide great quantity of healthy calories.

Rice milk contains large amount of carbs and is easy to swallow. Coconut milk contains fat in ample quantity and its delicious creamy texture can add great taste to any shake.  Hemp milk contains both carbs and fats. It is better to add these milks in regular cow’s milk. This will help you to gain weight effectively and quickly.

People are generally scared to intake such high calories, but they should not panic as they should understand that gaining muscle lead to building muscle. It is impossible to gain mass if you follow low calorie diet. You need to give adequate food to your muscles to gain muscle mass. Once you are successful in reaching your desired size, you may gradually lessen the calorie intake which will help you to shed the extra body fat and this process is called cutting. This is important because if you maintain ectomorph diet for several years it will slow down your metabolism process which may lead to gaining of fat mass instead of muscle. If you add the above mentioned foods in your regular diet and continue working out in gym, it will work effectively and help you to gain the desired body weight.

HWC Team

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