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Meal Planning for Mediterranean Diet

meal planning for mediterranean diet
HWC Team
February24/ 2016

Mediterranean diet is solely based upon the traditional food that the Greeks and Italians consumed in 1960. Many studies have confirmed it to be an immensely healthy food pattern and a host of diseases like heart attacks, diabetes and premature death can be prevented by following this diet. This diet recommends you to include vegetables, sea food, olive oil, whole grains abundantly in your diet.

Restrict having cheese, eggs, poultry, yoghurt and red meat should be a rare occurrence in your diet. Sugar, processed meat and refined oils are a complete cut out from this type of diet. Below given is a strategic meal planning for all who would be interested in following Mediterranean diet –

A Sample Menu for Two Weeks

Day 1

Have yoghurt with strawberries and oats for breakfast. For lunch you can have a vegetable sandwich made of whole grain and a tuna salad with a piece of fruit for dessert in dinner.

Day 2

Oatmeal and raisins for breakfast and lunch can be the leftover tuna salads from the last day make a big salad for dinner again with feta cheese, olives and tomatoes.

Day 3

An omelette with veggies, onions and tomatoes and a piece of fruit for breakfast and a whole grain sandwich with cheese and fresh vegetables for lunch. Go for a Mediterranean lasagne for dinner and feel happy.

Day 4

Try yoghurt with sliced fruits for breakfast and the leftover lasagne for lunch. For dinner have some carb like brown rice, vegetables and broiled salmon.

Day 5

For breakfast you can have eggs and vegetables fried in olive oil and yoghurt with strawberries, nuts and oats for lunch. Grilled lamb with salad and baked potato for dinner should yield some good sleep.

Day 6

Some nuts, an apple and oatmeal with raisins for breakfast and whole grain sandwich with vegetables for lunch. A Mediterranean style pizza with vegetables, grilled chicken, potato, cheese and olive for dinner along with a fruit for dessert looks awesome.

Day 7

Omelette with vegetables and olives for breakfast and the leftover pizza from last night for lunch and grilled chicken with potato, vegetables and a slice of fruit for the last dinner of the week.

Week 2

Day 1

Make some fluffy pancakes using low fat milk and yoghurt and whole wheat for breakfast and go for chickpea salad for lunch. For snacks you can have crackers with hummus and a fresh plum. Make chicken kebabs for dinner. For the kebabs you can use fat free Italian dressing and skew them with onion, pepper and cherry tomatoes and a cup of fat free milk to finish it off. The total calorie intake will not be more than 1,500.

Day 2

A yoghurt granola parfait made with fruit flavoured yoghurt, raspberries and low fat granola for breakfast and a vegetable pot pie for lunch can be had. You can take some chickpea salad for snacks. For dinner have a tomato and mozzarella sandwich and one frozen strawberry milk Popsicle for dessert.

Day 3

Make a chive and goat cheese frittata and refrigerate half of it to be had the next day and for lunch you can have a turkey and artichoke sandwich made with whole wheat bread and light mayonnaise, a chickpea spread and a slice of cucumber as a snack and Mediterranean grilled sea bass for dinner.

Days 4-7

You can pick and choose from the first three days and depending upon your likes and dislikes fit into these days.

A Mediterranean meal plan will work only when you enjoy the meals leisurely. Inclusion of olive oil, fresh vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts and plenty of fish in the diet is compulsory.

HWC Team

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