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Meal Plans for Eating Disorder Recovery

meal plans for eating disorder recovery
HWC Team
December21/ 2015

Eating disorder can occur in anyone irrespective of age, gender, social status or cultural background. Eating disorder cannot be classified under mental illness, as along with psychological impairment and distress of the mind, it also encompasses serious medical complications which affect the major organs of the body.

Many people who have eating disorders also report of problems such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders etc. A person with an eating disorder may not be able to recognize the disorder himself. The disorder may exist along with extreme concerns about increasing weight, shape, body image etc simultaneously. This disorder can surely be overcome by taking strategic diet plans. Here are a few sample diet plans for help –

Meal Plan 1

The diet plans are made keeping in mind your current nutritional situation, your preferences, your lifestyle, your nutritional needs, exercise level etc. The designing is done to include proteins, fats, starches, vegetables, fruits, dairy products etc. You can have a slice of toast, one scrambled egg with mushrooms, a medium apple at 7am. Then after a gap of 3 hours at 10am, you can have a serving of wheat crackers with cheese.

At 12.30pm, you can have 2 slices of whole wheat bread with roasted chicken, one slice cheese, one cup salad with vinegar or a low fat dressing. At 3pm you can have a ¼ cup of a mixture of nuts, raisins and dates(dry fruits).   At 6pm, you can have some snacks including half cup pasta, one cup low fat milk of soy milk etc. At around 8.30pm you can have a cup of yogurt with two teaspoon of peanut butter. This will give you proper nutrition during your recovery plan.

Meal Plan 2

The food items given in the plans can be substituted for another item in the same group such as a starch for a starch, a protein for a protein. Another plan can be like starting with a banana in the morning at 7.30am along with half a cup or one cup cereal and 1 cup milk. At 10am, you can have a protein shake or half cup cottage cheese with pineapple serving.

At 12.30 you can have a chicken sandwich with two slices of whole wheat bread with cheese slice, salad such as carrot and celery with low fat dressing. At around 3pm you can have crackers or popcorn for snacks. At 6pm you can have grilled chicken, a cup of broccoli, a cup of noodles with or without butter, one cup milk or soy milk. At 8.30pm, you can have a cup of yogurt with one medium apple to end the meal of the day.

Meal Plan 3

Another plan may be like this one. Between 7-9am, you can have a cup of yogurt and half cup bran flakes. Between 9:30 to 11:30am, you can have a slice of whole wheat bread with a hardboiled egg and tomato slices. Between 11:30am to 1:30pm you can have peanut butter and jelly sandwich tossed salad with almonds and low fat dressing.

After that till 3:30pm, you can have half a cup of cottage cheese with fruit. At around 5:30 you can have a vegetable burger with a slice of cheese. Along with this have a cup of steamed broccoli or vegetables and a cup of milk. Between 7-8pm, you can complete your day’s plan with a serving of wheat crackers with peanut butter.

Meal Plan 4

You can have a meal plan including three balanced meals and three snacks per day. The meals and snacks should cover all your protein, fat, fiber and other needs of your body. A balanced diet with grains and starchy vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, beans and lentils to fulfill your calorie requirement can be a good meal plan for eating disorder recovery.

Taking a structured meal reduces your fear of eating wrong and helps you to get out of your eating disorder. For this you can take help of such sample meal plans or ask a dietician to give you customized plans according to your body requirements and lifestyle.

HWC Team

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