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Meal Plans for Toning

meal plans for toning
HWC Team
December21/ 2015

Workouts can be exhaustive and more so if you are planning to tone and strengthen your muscles. Therefore a nutritious diet is a compulsory accompaniment which is rich in calories and nutrients to keep your muscles energized.

The recovery is healthier and injuries can be prevented when you eat nutritious foods at regular intervals. Workouts thus become more enjoyable and effective when the meal plan is balanced with the correct combination of healthy carbs, lean proteins and vigorous fats coupled with healthy fats and drinks. Below given are some recommended meal plans for toning.

Diet Plan 1

(Low carb, high protein and moderate fat)

The carbohydrate intake should be twice a day, compulsorily once in breakfast after waking up and second post work-out. Protein intake is to be broken down six-seven times a day and fat primarily before hitting the bed and some of it distributed throughout the day.

The combination of this diet should be accompanied with a weekly exercise plan.

Diet Plan 2

(High carb, high protein and moderate fat)

The design of this plan is to build lean muscles without the fat. Here the carbohydrate intake is high throughout the day, gradually lessening in the evening. Protein can again be divided into six-seven portions spread across the day and fat again mainly before bedtime and also at certain intervals of the day.

A Generalised North Indian Diet Plan Would be

Starting the day with a glass of warm water with a dash of lemon juice followed by sugarless tea and two Marie biscuits. The breakfast could be one parantha and a cup of curd and a serving of fruit a couple of hours later. Lunch can comprise of a bowl of brown rice, one bowl of dal (lentils) and boiled chicken. A mid time meal in the afternoon should be just a glass of sugarless lassi and finish off dinner by 8:30 with two rotis and a bowl of mixed vegetables.

A Generalised South Indian Diet Plan Would be

Lukewarm water with lemon juice followed by black coffee without sugar and two Marie biscuits. Breakfast can be either a plan dosa or two idlis followed by a fruit. For lunch you can have a bowl of brown rice, one cup sambhar, one cup mixed vegetable and approximately 100 grams baked fish. A cup of buttermilk in the evening and two chapattis and a bowl of mixed vegetables for dinner is good.

A Plan for Serious Body Builders Throughout the Day

Half a cup of oatmeal mixed with cinnamon and almonds, a cup of fat free milk, a small orange and a hard-boiled egg. Half a cup of blue-berries after the work-out. Lunch should be wholesome with some brown carb, chicken, green salad dressed with olive oil, some cheese and butter combo. In the evening go for an apple and low fat cottage cheese. Protein shakes and glutamine powder to be compensated post work-out and before going to bed.

Hence a healthy nutritious diet goes a long way to either lose weight or getting toned. You will need to tone your muscles without getting fat. So eat more calories than those getting burnt. But do it progressively to track progress and still not look bulky.

HWC Team

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