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Meal Recommendations for People with Acidity

meal recommendations for people with acidity
HWC Team
December08/ 2015

Acidity and acid reflux can be really uncomfortable, painful and irritating. Some of the common symptoms of acidity include indigestion and heartburn. It is a fact that acidity is caused due to the foods you eat and the foods that are lacking in your diet.

When we eat certain acidity causing foods, the acid balance or pH level in the stomach fluids may go out of balance and thus causes acidity. But the good news is that making dietary or food changes can help you with this condition and may restore the normal pH balance. The following are few meal recommendations for people with acidity.

Food to Have

Fruits and Vegetables

Those who usually have acidity must concentrate on having a lot of fruits and vegetables through their diet. Eating raw fruits is a good idea and some foods that can help are apple, banana and coconut.  Sticking to lightly seasoned, boiled and baked vegetables and fruits also helps in treating the problem.

Low Fat Grains

Another amazing meal recommendation for people with acidity is to opt for low fat whole grains like whole oats, brown rice and whole wheat. Quinoa is also a good option as it helps to reduce acid reflux and restore the balance of fluids in the stomach.

Fresh Meat

It is important to select fresh, lean cuts of pork, beef and poultry. Even fish must be fresh when consumed as these foods can also help with reducing acidity.

Low Fat Dairy Products

Another superb recommendation for people with acidity is to opt for reduced fat dairy products like yoghurt and cottage cheese.

Foods to Avoid

  • Citrus fruits-certain fruits like tomatoes and other citrus fruits like lemons, tangerines and grapefruit can trigger acidity and must be avoided when experiencing acidity. To avoid risk of flare ups, these fruits must be avoided as much as possible, especially in their raw form.
  • Most of the vegetables are safe and can be consumed during acidity but some like onions can trigger the acidity symptoms and thus must be avoided.
  • All kinds of high fat foods can lead to acidity and may even worsen it. So whenever you are experiencing discomfort due to acidity, these foods must be avoided.
  • Also, fried foods must be avoided as much as possible and so should fatty foods as they too can worsen the acidity or acid reflux condition. This means that processed meats like sausages, hot dogs and fast foods should not be had on a regular basis.
  • Peppermint and chocolate are both common triggers of acidity and one must make an effort to cut down on their consumption, especially when you are experiencing discomfort due to acidity.
  • One must avoid eating too close to bedtime because the time of your meals also determines the level of acidity and may worsen it if you follow wrong time schedules for eating. Skip the midnight snacks and do not lie down immediately after eating.

HWC Team

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